How Apple Is Getting You To Think Less And Spend More

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The knock on apple is that it's no longer innovative and it's phones have gotten boring a year ago. The company stock was slumping and in sales in China. Were down. Well guess what since then the stock doubled and people are buying more of those boring quote unquote. IPHONES Scott. What what do you make of all this? Let me in the IPHONE. Eleven got less expensive. Compared to the ten are and I think that just became you know low more practical but I mean I think it's not just the phone is we know it's like the air pods and the watches and also like the. The lower cost apple watches things like the the series three It's all that collected stuff. So let's let's start with the iphone though. You reviewed the latest iphone and it was. It was a little cheaper. It's like fifty dollars cheaper. It's still seven hundred dollars so it's not like an impulse bye or anything like that but from your impressions. Did you think it was more polished as you think it was a little bit better. Is there something about the phone that you think really incited a lot of people. Oh to buy it. This time around I think battery life. I think that that That made an impact for people The idea the battery life would be better and get over that Hump and when reviews were showing that I think that mean camera matters but you know I always think that the changes are pretty incremental but it seems like you know this generation around things like that white angle things is like the night vision mattered but I am pretty surprising to me. I'm really surprised I was watching that. Presentation in September first revealed fielded and it seemed like a snooze to me seeing and granted. This is just one quarter. This is just one quarter and a lot can happen over the course of a year but record revenue in profits. That's exactly what we used to say about apple just basically like clockwork every single quarter. I just kept doing better and better. and was it the iphone six when they came out the blew the doors off like they absolutely crushed it so it does kind of feel like they're getting their Mojo back foreshadowing. We're on that to come right Yeah it is surprising to me too and I don't really have anything really concrete to say about that because it feels like they're continuing the same path that they're always been doing which is like these as low instead of it. Yeah incremental interesting sometimes You know more obvious sometimes more in the weeds updates each year. And we're not doing. We're not dealing affordable. We're not not doing a foldable. Doing Gene we've been on his show multiple times saying. Hey this is getting a little stale this is getting already dusty. Apparently people are pretty comfortable with what their expectation is. If anything apple is really good at giving you a product that works that you know how it is and maybe not changing it up that much. Make accents I'm frankly I am a little surprised but hey the numbers are the numbers. It's been a very practical product but it's also funny because in the last year I was thirteen in had a lot of bugs going on so twelve to thirteen. I feel like we've had the incremental updates things that have been a little wonky about it so I i. It's it's interesting because when that all shakes out you're like everything else it's okay but I do think there's going to be said for the sick the consistency in the product line. Because I look at like the five G. Steph. Okay but particularly the foldable stuff regardless of whether you WANNA buy one it's also the prices so oh hi. Sally totals so price sensitive. That like you gotta get those prices down more so particularly for apple more expensive. I don't WanNa more expensive less expensive. And there's like the talk about whether the iphone nine or the se to in the spring to go against like a pixel for a or these other more affordable phones like. That's the direction action that needs to happen for apple so like don't look I wouldn't look like up the ramp but WANNA look to like I. I totally down. Obviously from a consumer perspective. I totally agree. We have a lot to cover so. Let's keep moving The MAC and the IPAD revenue is down in both of those lines so all is not well an apple world. That's worth mentioning that. So what what are your thoughts about that you kind of feel like You know the ipad really still facing challenging times. What what do you think that they can do about that? It was a weird year for that stubble. First of all there was no IPAD new IPAD pro last year and the new IPAD. The IPAD came out. Were these iterative. Like ipad mini and then the you know now in newer version of the base IPAD and they still haven't resolved the difference between the IPADS and the rest of the MAC line which like Microsoft's done awhile ago exploring surface purpose and things like that. So we've been waiting for that apple's just taking its time with that you know some people think that's fine other people really think that's not okay. I get really annoyed at all the ways that the ipad Hi pad is not my full everyday machine. They're not to say that it can't do a lot of other things on a daily basis. But then you have to use it in connection with another divisive lying around. Yeah so you're paying a lot of money for that for an IPAD. Okay but then you know you get an ipad pro territory where you want that to do everything so I I still think that needs to be resolved and then for the X. It's like you know the keyboards the like. They had something or effect with the air a a long time ago and now they're just like all these different versions I feel like and then people have issues about one or the other and I've never liked the touch bar so I I just feel like get all needs to be kinda redesigned familiar similarly I foot touching their get rid of the touch bar so let's in the IPAD. Yeah so this this is the sweet spot especially specifically for this quarter was wearable and services when we talk about services that includes the APP Store Apple All Music Apple Pay I cloud for wearables. It looked like the bell of the ball was very specifically airports. WanNa call out. A Bernstein analysts because apple doesn't doesn't provide this information at Bernstein analyst predicted air pods generated about six billion dollars in revenue for Apple in two thousand nineteen nearly double the twenty eighteen level. I mean like are there you look at wearables a lot. Are there any other wearables that come even close to the air pods. Why do you think they're so popular? Where where where did this come from? I remember wearing them and having an awkward. Look on my face into sixteen. How far how far things have changed? I mean well. First of all they're headphones so like it's a very impractical market so there's always an interest in that stuff but it really spiked in and drove it forward But I think it starts from there because it's a lot of times you think. Well what am I gonNA do with blank. I going to use it and like you'll use headphones especially if you can slide them in your pocket easily so I think that are already like made them. I'm really functional and really interesting and they work I never pods too. I was super function resistance at airports for a long time because I had all these other headphones lying around that I got every single single time I bought a new apple phone and You know I eventually just decided to spend the what is one hundred thirty dollars for the original air pods and I use them them all the time. Now they are the really fits very basic function. This is the apple promises. Is that if you buy the product you're going to be spending more money on it but it works and you don't have to bother with all sorts of nonsense. Yeah it did a really good job of like Bluetooth stuff is annoying but it. It doesn't perfect all of it but it really smooths. WHO's over a lot of that stuff to make it the least annoying version of that right? So that's what you need to like. Pick it over plugging something plus the disappearance appearance of F.. Phone Jack Rowley. Like trying to figure out whether you want the lightning or the dangle and then you just going to get the air pilots and it connects to that and it's sort of like it's not far off from a from a really expensive battery case accessory type of thing it's upwards of that it's a hunt one sixty rain. I was surprised at how many air pods people have been you know buying the pros and have you noticed people upgrading to the pros because that would actually be seeing a lot of money in apple people in the city wearing them you know. I've seen the pros but New York City is its own stories. You know But it was like an air. pod City It really is. Yeah what does it mean to see like New Jersey commuter wearing them it's a different As a subset. But I also think like there's something about the price of that that like lines up with the price of what the IPOD used to be like It's like accessory. I always think accessory prices like what will you buy as an add on in the watch has been getting in that zone to to like apple. Watch game the one nine nine. That's like the Amazon Echo Prize. It's like the marriage not exactly but I hear what you're saying. It was like one ninety nine. It gets closer to being a useful add on useful accessory where it's not super cheap by Apple. It is less expense for like two hundred or less as the part where I go. That's a lot of money but like I could maybe spontaneously think about going for something but more for just for me but getting to more within that gets into like its own device. Its own like commitment so I maybe it's something of that like they found some some zone because the Apple Watch at like four hundred dollars ars is its own consideration like. That's a lot of money. Okay so like you creep down to like one nine eventually go to less compete with like fitbit's and others I feel like the series. Three is what people are really interested in lodge like in the in the suite. Siebel one on the other one like that's the price you'd one eight four

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