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But it comes producing a podcast. There are one time cost things you need to purchase one time to get started and then there's ongoing costs and we'll talk about those as well. Let's get started with the one time in costs. Let's begin with the hardware and that's a Mike. The first thing that a lot of people think about when they SORTA podcast is equality. Mike and there are a lot of different. Mike's at different price ranges out there. I'm GonNa recommend the Mike I think is a good starter Mike. It's actually a good Mike to have in general and it's called the Audio Technica Ika eight two thousand one hundred this is an excellent and USB. Mike that means you can plug it into an X. Lar- poor as well as into your computer with a US be Port the quality of this. Mike is Incredible. I actually recommended for Webinars as well as podcasting. If you're looking to podcast a lot of pro- podcasts at us this Mike. It's only around seventy dollars on Amazon. So great starter. Mike and for a lot of people they use it throughout their podcasts and career. The the difference between this Mike. And let's say a three hundred dollar Mike like the Heil or a five hundred dollar Mike. Mike is Quite insignificant. It's actually she really hard to tell the difference. If you're not an audio file if you're not somebody who does this for a living. Fear the average listener. It's all sounds the same. Actually Santa Quality is really dictated by the environment. You're in more than the actual Mike meaning that if I'm using my iphone to record a audio podcast and Emina professional like deafening sound booth deafening by the quietness of it. Have you ever been one of those. It's incredible how they are. Were you like really shut the door. It's like clunk clunk right. If I recorded a podcast using my iphone in a room like that it would sound incredibly. Professional is because the environment is incredible. So so you can do a lot with great environment. That's the next purchase. So let's get our mind can go the AGR two thousand one hundred seventy bucks. The next is a soundproof booth. You're not going to build a whole room. But there's these great portable padded booths. You can put your mic inside and record award inside that booth with just your face in that booth or your mouth inside that booth with the Mike inside the one that I have that I recommend it's called the Porta booth plus plus. It's two hundred dollars on Amazon. And this is a little bit of a fancy one because it's portable you can actually Flan it up or zip it up and put it in your suitcase. So if I ever traveling to record I can take this with me and I got this one because there are some instances when I do need to do that. Because it's a daily show if feel a weekday show you can batch really in advance so you may not need this fancy one that is portable. There's other ones if you go to see the Porta booth plus that are not reportable. That are just as nice to look exactly the same and their own fifty dollars. This creates a great environment for your podcasts. At creates great sound because is it really allows all the sound to go into the Mike and Bouncing off the walls in the room. I recommend actually putting this portal booth in a closet. Is it like in the shelving of a walk-in closet or a regular closet and standing right in front of an recording this is going to create a studio quality sound. So if you go the non portable one is about fifty bucks if you go with the portable ones about two hundred. If you don't need to travel your podcast daily. I probably would recommend the portable one. And you don't really need to travel with it that much could batch ahead of time so so far so good or under two hundred bucks. What about software will you can record an Eddie your software pretty pretty much for free with a MAC or a PC? If you're on the Mac you can use quicktime that allows you to just record your audio right there. If you want to edit your podcasts cast on a Mac. There's a software called garage band that allows you to edit podcasts and there's plenty of tornadoes that you can buy or watch on youtube to learn how to Eddie your podcast if you're on on a PC. I recommend a software called audacity. Audacity will allow you to record and edit the podcast and it's free so there you go you can record an ETA podcast nice and easy now. There's another piece of software need is called an ID three editor. And there's one on the market call eighty the three editor and is about thirty dollars for license and what this does allows you to Put the information on the sound file so it actually pierced properly properly on sound On say podcast players so they the title of your podcast. The description the author that kind of stuff the cover image you know the the art for the actual show. Id Three and your podcast is very important. Because you need to do that before you uploaded your host. Because that's what everybody's he's GonNa see on a distribution channels like itunes or podcast players like spotify stitcher radio and overcast all those different kinds of APPs Sir cylinder two hundred bucks with hardware and software. What else do we need for one off cost? Well we need to design our actual show are some people call all cover art or show are for a podcast so I actually recommend hiring a designer to do this. Many people use something like ninety nine designs. Were they get various examples of their. PODCASTS are or samples and then they go on facebook or something and asked her friends and family which one do they prefer. ABC Or D.. And this can cost anywhere between one hundred dollars to three hundred dollars. Five hundred dollars for a really Sought after designer Ya. Yeah designer that you've worked with before for your website or something like that `sensitive take a crack at it. Otherwise you can go to nine designs you can go to a freelancer upward and and find a designer design. Your podcast show our remember. You WanNa make sure the name of your podcast is very clear on your show our. It's catchy it's easy to see and had the mock up. Your show are in a screen shot of I tunes or something like that so you could see what it looks like against other podcast West Show artsy you could say oh yes that does stand out. That does look good. So we're looking at right now. Let's say on average you're going to pay two hundred dollars for a great piece of show are you can of course designing yourself if you want if you do have an eye for design canvas is a good tool to use You can get a free account to start with Canada so you can either pay nothing. Who Around one hundred to five hundred dollars for a design show are? Let's say Ballpark to fifty. So we're around hovering around four born dollars or so To start a podcast. The one off costs. Let's talk about the ongoing costs. Well the first thing you're going to need is hosting somewhere or to host your actual audio files so just you know when you're hosting upon history creating a podcast you have a host that stores these files and every time time somebody uses any kind of podcast player Apple podcasts stitcher whatever they use spotify it streaming from the host it's not streaming from spotify. spotify doesn't doesn't actually a save or hold these audio files you do in your hosting account and you just basically linked to it via your podcast S. feet