Kobe Bryant helicopter crash: Aviation expert explains what will happen during investigation


Yesterday morning something tragic happened with Kobe Bryant his daughter and the other well Kobe Bryant and the other eight souls that were on board a lot of people are not actually talking about the other victims that were on board the helicopter yesterday and stand by because our aviation expert J. rattles gonna join me because we're going to go the the angle of the helicopter and what they were flying in yesterday John al Altobelli who is longtime baseball coach at orange coast college was on board his wife Kerrey their daughter Alyssa harbor day schools girl basketball coach Christina Mauser and Peyton Chester a middle school student and mother Sarah so Chester's Peyton Chester's mother Sarah was on plus of course the pilot I believe it's pronounced ara the boy in in all of those people also died and a lot of people yesterday were saying why aren't the talking about these people yet and they were trying to notify next of kin I think which is part of what I actually read but I just thought it was I just thought it was you know proper to to talk about those people as well because they all lost their lives and think about between all of these people that died during this accident how many lives were affected yeah it's horrible you know think about it's crazy we're talking a lot of lives affected one of the women on there the dad who was not on the flight was talking about how he has he's left now with three kids to raise he was on the today show so and he was like coming in to do this so I mean these are a lot of families these are a lot of people that were on that flight yeah it's horrible yeah it's devastating especially when you think about the kids that you know Kobe left behind and and everything as well so gosh there's obviously no way around just how horrible the whole situation is what is interesting is the helicopter that they were flying in a let's get some perspective on that and welcome in aviation expert Jay Ratliff J. welcome to the mark laser show my pleasure to be here which we had a more pleasant topic to discuss my friend I believe the helicopter that Kobe and the eight other souls that were on board is Sikorski is that how you say it got back that that this course you're S. seventy six it was a in for him is get like his mini van parked outside because he use it to commute pretty well everywhere but this thing was designed to think back in the early nineties as a vehicle to get the cruise on and off the oil rigs in the middle of you know the water and it's you know a rugged rugged aircraft in me communities around the country use it as their air ambulance which of course are things you have to be absolutely committed to and and something that is is a workhorse in itself so that this was nothing more than just just incredible piece of machinery and of course people look at that table why would a crash then well there's a lot of reasons why it could happen or the beginning of what's going to be a very long investigation is of the NTSB tries to find out exactly what happened so right now the initial reports are the heavy fog in the area and I think I saw a report yesterday from the sheriff's office in that area that their actual aircraft were grounded during that time because of due to the heavy fog at least that's what I saw one report yesterday and I know it's all speculating at this point but is could this really be something as simple as the fog was so heavy that all my gosh there's a mountain in front of me too late boom it could be but you're talking about an aircraft that is incredibly sophisticated that has everything on it including you know basically the the ground you know what a terrain warnings and everything else that's their right it it's giving you all the information that you need Hey when you have automatic direction finders you've got all the ground proximity warning system you have all the things it's incorporated in this state of the art fourteen million dollar whatever was aircraft hi I don't think I would consider it likely but look we we don't know what happened I'm listening to the press yesterday dues what they do they're calling me asking me for things and they're wanting to know okay when this week we will you know what happened and I said we won't that this investigation is at the beginning of what could be an eight to twelve month process they will begin the process of this very very long investigation I think eighteen or twenty agents on the ground right now we may get an initial report in a week or so but there's nothing that's going to be conclusive until that report pulls out it could be eight ten or even twelve months we're talking to Jay Ratliff our aviation expert here at six ten WTVN and the Sikorsky S. seventy six that is the helicopter the aircraft that Kobe Bryant and his eight passengers the eight souls in addition to him that were on board does it have a black box you know black boxes look let's say on a commercial airliner there's two of him they're not black or gray painted orange so you can find a man in a debris field easy enough and on a commercial airliner you have what's called a flight data recorder that records all the flight data this going on speed altitude headings course corrections blah blah blah the second black box is a call to CVR cockpit voice recorder the basically records the conversations that are going on in the flight deck as well as any alarms or anything that might be going on there this particular helicopter has an avionics package which includes the cockpit voice recorder not a flight data recorder is I understand I've not heard yet from the people that I've been talking to close to the scene on whether not this aircraft had a cockpit voice recorder but if it did once recovered it will certainly provide some needed insight for the investigators and they cannot start to answer three thousand questions with regards to what happened and what's the sequence of events that could fall give contributed yes could the pilot who had a heart attack yeah could there be a mechanical problem very well could have been is a possible because they have to look into this unfortunately was the pilot under the influence of anything medical you know prescription drugs or alcohol recreational drug all of these things are going to be looked at as possibilities was it pilot error was or something completely male unexpected that happened to the aircraft as far as it hitting a drone we we don't know any of these things and we won't till the investigation continues for some time and that's why when I hear all this talk about what the probable causes are I'm just shaking my head thinking it most of the time when we come out with these you you look foolish when you're trying to be the first to say it was this or that because we simply don't know we leave it up to the experts the all star team of the NTSB to determine what took place and we wait for their report so the cockpit voice recorder is that made out of this a similar type thing that the black box if you will is made out of so it's made to withstand a crash or something like that Hey that's one question and another one was if you know you're talking about they have to try to find out if the you know possibly the the the pilot was under some sort of influences something again you that was part of a list that you listed out like it looked to me here based on the footage that I was like how are they going to be able to test for anything it looked everything just look destroyed and burned out but I I don't know how would they do something like that this is this is crazy they will identify the remains and they will have the possibility of extracting enough DNA and different types of things within when you get a degree field it's a hundred yards wide long it's it's evident that the aircraft struck the ground at some speed the the there are some independent flight data this suggested was in excess of a hundred eighty five miles an hour you're very well could have him now again we I still have to have confirmation if there was CVR cockpit voice reporter right this one I know others have it and I would expect given his state of the art is this aircraft was I would be very surprised if that wasn't the case but even if there's not the investigators will be able in time to determine exactly what the likelihood of events were I've been asked why is the FBI

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