This Too Shall Pass and it Aint That Bad


To the Shalini. Show Jelena's a New York Times bestselling author celebrity fitness trainer in obsessed assist with helping you. Actually we're not going for a ride. We're just sitting in my car. Thanks for being here and keeping me company. I've got a nice Warm Cup of coffee. He and I got ready a little early today. So I've got like an extra twenty minutes and I was just sitting here going over my day my push journal and I thought you know what I've got something on my mind. I WanNa talk to my my lifers about this one and it's really the idea that life is hard like well and sometimes life is good and easy and we don't always recognize nuys when it's good an easy. It's funny how that is right because you've ever given birth. If you have kids you gave birth to those kids. You know what I'm talking about like you quickly. We kind of forget the painful uncomfortable pieces and you consider having more sometimes but what I really wanted to talk to you about. Is it kind of that idea like talking about the perspective that eventually everything gets better the this is life and today actually yesterday I should say yeah it was yesterday. I was going through this big box of photos. I mean photos from when Britain. I all the way back to when we were just. I married newlyweds. Pictures from our wedding pictures from when Brock was first born and then when he was a toddler Adler and all the birthday parties and then Sierra being born in I do apologize. If you're listening I don't know what the deal is. There just are not as many photos of Sierra. I guess that's at Second Child Syndrome but in my own defense. It's also when like we started taking digital photos and so once everyone one-star doing that. We stopped printing photos. Are you with me like how many thousands and thousands of photos do you have on your phone right now. Div Not printed them like remember remember. How every single week? I don't know if you're old enough to remember this but we all used to go to costco or CVS or the drugstore like probably like once a week and you get this big giant pack of photos autos and it was so weird because you didn't know what you're going to be getting because you took the photos but you didn't have a digital camera to look and see like if the photos were going to be good or not you just picked up this huge stack of real photos. It's so strange that was like a minute ago and it was over. The course of Sierra's lifetime. We just went straight up digital so there aren't as many photos of her poor girl. Love you girl but anyways as I was going through those photos Brett was gone for a couple of days. I was like sitting on the floor and I'm going to these photos and I was really thinking about what was going on lives during those times times like looking at a phone going like. Oh Yeah Whoa I remember. I remember who was there that night. I remember getting a fight earlier that day. I remember remember the argument. I remember vying that skirt. I remember buying that dress like you know what I mean. All those memories were coming back to me but I really started for some some reason thinking about some of the more trying times over the course of the last twenty twenty five years and as I was looking to these photos otas thinking about some of those tough times. I was reminded that in those moments I remember feeling like would would never get better that it was so painful and so horrific in so uncomfortable. Whatever it was right because there's all these different stages there's just never you can't imagine it being incredibly different? I looked at photos when we were in our first Home together and thinking about how how many months we had to work to afford one window treatment. We had this one kind of bigger window in our downstairs area and I had a personal training client at the time who is a decorator and she had these like ornate beautiful window uh-huh treatments and just remember going. Oh Man let's have her designed one beautiful draperies like this beautiful ornate window treatment and and like we had a scrape up every penny to do that and and it felt like such an extravagant thing and I just remember thinking like what would it be like if we could do like all of our windows you know not just have this one night it was now we just have one window but like there's one area where we had like one big tall window anyways ways I remember feeling like will never be out of debt like will we ever have a savings. Will we ever have that time of the month roll around when and we have to pay our mortgage will we ever feel like it's not painful right and then and then I'm looking at more photos and remembering when things dig a little bit easier but but then I remember like then. I'm looking at times when the kids were little and just feeling so overwhelmed and so alone and feeling like Oh gosh this is so oh hard into my doing this right and it's so stressful and I just remember crying and crying because Brock would never stop crying crying when he was a baby and people say the rudest things like. Oh your babies Koloki because they're picking up on your energy you know that you see how it was blame and just remember so many of those struggles and then you know going through additional photos and seeing people who were in my life for a period of time who you know there are good and bad bad times and I remember like the really bad times. I remember like having relationship problems with like a person person who's like no longer in my life and to think about the grief that I was feeling in that moment and then to think like wow. I haven't thought about them in fifteen years breath that time in my life that person became all consuming then every time I I looked at another photo and thought back on what we. We're feeling at that time I would just take a deep breath and the sense of calm just kept coming over me as a reminding myself that nothing's permanent like everything gets better the worst of the worst pain and tough times and challenges. Eventually it gets better eventually. You are better for it. Nothing stayed the way it was. We made it through everything you have made it through everything. No matter how dark the the pain is it you feel right now no matter how much despair you feel and how sad you might be and how devastated stated you may feel this is GonNa pass things are GonNa get better. Your pain is not permanent

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