Episode 103: Belgium (or 'Chocolate and Beer and Frites, Oh My!') - burst 2


One of the more metal things in Bruges. Probably the only metal converge everything else is like lace and swans and chocolate. And stow offals. Oh my God I love fruit We went during Christmas time. And so there's this ice rink in the middle of those of the Market Square. Yeah and that's where the Christmas market was too. And then so we were hanging out of the Christmas market like just eating our way through every single stan. And we're watching. She like all these little kids on the ice skating rink and they had a little sleds like they like they're holding onto a little sled shares in just like skating around and it was just the frigging cutest thing like the belfry tower. Our just looming right behind them. Oh my God. It was so cute and Leah's deathly afraid of ice skating so she really wanted to grab one of those kids chairs so that she could go ice skating. It's not that I'm deathly afraid. It's it's that I'm incredibly logical. And I know my own personal limitations I would definitely like severely injure myself savvy. Don't have adult size which I am very you know in Norway. They have sleds. That like you step onto them and you just push off and it's exactly like that and it got to use one in Norway. This is another story unrelated another episode episode about got me sledding and Norway. I really loved watching all of the little carriages go around the market square. Oh my God babe do you remember the Pug I do remember the Pug okay so so. They're not just a pug. It was a pug puppy and it was wearing a little Santa Costume and it was the cutest fucking Shit I have ever seen in my life. He was it's like driving the carriage like such a good boy. His face like he just looked like the crankiest little grumble mafia and he was like. Why am I in a Santa Costume? I hate this but it was so cute you and he was loved. He was so happy because then his owner came back and he was really happy. You guys like ninety percent of our best memories in Bruges where that Pug I'm GonNa be honest the Pug and the chocolate. Luckily that's why we want to go. Yeah but we will definitely be staying in a different place. 'cause I really enjoy the place where we stayed fucking AIRBNB. Yeah it was actually like a nice airbnb like it was really well located. It was just like just nearby everything walking distance to the market really well located and we were really excited because I I had a little kitchen and we were GONNA do like Christmas dinner with ourselves. We're sharing it with like four other people because we were broke off and actually this was a splurge from us because we'd only been doing in hostels up until this point so the fact that we had a private room and there were only like five. Other people in the apartment was really exciting time. We wanted to ball for Christmas. You now it turns out that the entire AIRBNB was really this guy's office no idea what he does but he lives a couple of doors down and the first sign of problems was I think our first tonight or something. We were cooking and we broke a bottle of warchest. Show your however you say that sauce Wurster Wester Sauce. It is not worcester sauce. saw there's like forty seven letters in this word. forty-seven towns in England named Worcester and also one in Massachusetts supposed to believe Massachusetts. That one. I now I was born in Massachusetts. Worcester you can say like Worcester. If that makes you feel about my dad always called it worchester sauce. That's not accurate. Not at right okay. worchester sauce now. Okay now anyway so we had to call him over after we broke the bottle but they were like super cool about it and they were like a you. I'm pretty fucking clumsy. Era should all the time usually. It's not in somebody else's kitchen but gave the guy came over and he was really he was like. Oh it's fine it's cool. It's no problem hindsight inside. He was probably like these fucking American. He was yeah he definitely already hated us. So then it's like Christmas Eve and we've gone like this really cute little we'll butcher and we'd gotten pork belly. I think we looked up like the name for an advanced. Don't remember and we were GonNa GonNa Cook it the Danish way rate with fruit and all spice and all this really great stuff that we had to shop for for that specific meal yes cooked are really amazing Christmas dinner. It was super romantic and we were like. Oh Wow Christmas honeyman while great and then this dude comes home let like two in the morning in the morning. Just like Hi-fi Ah Shit just scream in his fucking head off pounding on our door Christmas and we're like what what's what's up like did what's going on their fire. Here's his first grievance. The House smells like Bacon. Because first of all you're welcome. Yeah no no it. Didn't the kitchen smelled kind of like bacon because we made like delicious Danish pork belly for Christmas dinner. Why are you here at two in the morning on Christmas before the delicious Bacon I can smell has a chance to air out and the second problem that he had was that there was a stain on his coach? which was definitely there when we arrive? 'cause I remember looking at it and being like Oh but also you get what you pay for. And it was a cheap place. But also his evidence circumstantial at Best I. One of the guests was a doctor and he said there's no way it could have been them because he's a doctor. That was the whole argument. Like congratulations but like doctors spill bill shit too. Because we you know broken entire bottle of with juster sauce teammate. Now I can't say it either. So just because he has more schooling doesn't mean that he doesn't have the ability spill something on the couch. Your Dad for instance Super Smart Successful respect to the hell out of him and I see him spill something on every piece of furniture he sits on. That's true. That's that's where I got it. That makes so much sense now and the other person just happened to be this guy's friend and I love my friends but I know which stains on our couch which are from us and which are from our friends can just feel my eyes. Just glare and you're right now. I mean we're getting rid of that couch soon anyway so now but the point is it wasn't us it wasn't it really wasn't we sat on that couch exactly hunts and we didn't have anything to eat or drink on it and then he like when went on this rampage on AIRBNB. He left US nasty review and then we like had to like nasty review him back and then I had to appeal to AIRBNB and be like. I don't want to pay for this dude. You ruined Christmas. Because we spent like the actual day of Christmas. We were just sad and depressed and afraid of getting near the couch and ruined the day of Christmas for us to Airbnb as credit. They responded with essentially. What was your fuck that Guy And then refunded. They helped us out. And we were in Bruges so like Airbnb but then we stepped outside and it was magical Swan Landy. A- with Christmas markets and amazing beer and like awesome waffles and chocolate off. God it's the best way to wake up on Christmas. Yeah whatever that was literally the only negative that we have about Bruce and it's super avoidable. Just don't stay at that specific Airbnb with that specific guy. I really hope that he doesn't actually.

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