David Rabe Reads John Updike


High David so I know some other ideas came up but updike was pretty much the first writer you thought of Reading for the PODCAST. Why was that He's been he's sort of been in my mind for. Since I started writing or thought about writings he he was always meaningful to me. And then there's a period of time where I stopped reading him. I just willfully stop because I felt like it was the only way to right the way he just doing it and so I just stopped I can remember talking to friends and I would kind of even develop some harsh opinions of of him that were really authentic on some level right based on just the need to Kinda separate. What for you is at the heart of his appeal Yeah I mean it's funny way. We we have you know. There's kind of a cross of backgrounds in a way. I think I just trip. I remember like he wasn't that much older than me. When I was in college? He was being published regularly New Yorker and everybody Where I was living at the time? I'm in college. You know who was interested in writing was very attuned to the New Yorker and he was published very young. I'm not sure what he started in the New Yorker in his early twenties. Yeah so you felt well. It's possible he's done it so that's sort of. It's been part of my brain for a long time. I think his these inhabited part of it for a long time and at that point in college. Were you thinking of writing fiction and not place. Yeah Yeah I started the whole creative. Things started wanting to be an actor. I thought then the college I went to didn't have a theater department but but we had a a professor teacher priests teacher who is really very good and you is a published poet which was significant to us but he had a class so I was in for like three years and it was all prose or poetry and the first story. You thought of reading was Updike's the sandstone farmhouse which was too long to read on on the podcast. What made you pick the other side of the street? I heard that similar in a way in in terms of the territory and It's it's a smaller version of similar work. I think but that hallway. He can mash the present with the past and keep it very alive and not seem forced to. It's just something that I admire and do you. I think the other side of the street is is very characteristic of updike or is it more off the beaten path for him I think it's characteristic in a way but it's kind kind of off the beaten path in its small us in its But he does that very well. So that's the that was why I picked it really right. Well we'll talk some more after the story free and now here's David Rabe reading the other side of the street by John. Updike the other side of the street for that. His lawyer told Faucet you need a notary public in this state. They're the ones who handle car title. Changes Faucet hadn't lived in his home state for forty years and only his mother's death had brought him back. He was taking possession of his meager inheritance inheritance cleaning out her sad cramped apartment. He lived far to the west and the climate and vegetation and even the quality of light light here in. Pennsylvania seemed strange. The afternoon light was dying in the windows. The Leaf is trees in the courtyard below. Where sinking into a well of darkness s with a silvery November glitter as if after an ice storm Leeming on their upper twigs? He looked in the phone book under Notary Republics and one listed at two six two Chestnut Street Hayes. Ville leap to his I a woman. Georgina are Mueller. She answered the phone and sounded excessively cheerful and helpful but perhaps that was just the regional manner which he had slowly lost. He suggested that ladies it was their the transaction must wait until tomorrow but she told him going that extra mile with him the way people in Pennsylvania did no. I'm open here until L. A.. Lot of people you know can't get to you except in the evenings you'll need the car title the Insurance Card Your own driver's license and what we call the short certificate it'll say short certificate letters testamentary across the top. Yes I they have those. My lawyer gave me plenty. Now let me tell you how to find my house. You come out the afraid Pike. I Know Faucet Taller I used to live across the street at two sixty one did you though. What did you say your name was? He told her but it rang. Nobel was a longtime ago. He apologized just after the war. I was a child. We moved away when I was twelve. Is that a fact. Well it's still a house to be proud of Brubaker. Sold it you know. This name meant nothing to him. A younger couple has bought it and sold off the back. Half of the lot really. It wasn't that big a lot in the first place. The Vegetable Garden had been down there. and his mother's Rove peonies and the ESPECIA- This shingle chicken house which is grandfather had had built and the little fenced in yard where his grandmother used to be had chicken with a hatchet on the stained old stump within the chicken house there was a liquid clucking and musty stench of chicken. Dong and there were fascinating. Glass egg scattered about in the Straw. OUGHTA give the stupid hands. The idea of laying. Well I know George in Mueller side. But that's how they do things. These days the crowd the houses in in this is considered a desirable neighborhood. It always was also told her. That's why grandfather bought the place back in the twenties. I'll be there around seven. I got to get a bite to eat. I've been lugging junk all day. There was no need to tell her about all this but perhaps he was gaining back. garl- is local manner faucet new the way but was slightly confused by the traffic lights which had multiplied to play in Hayes valley since he was last there a mall spread itself where there had been field. A new high school flat and low reminded need him of an airport. Along the low side of Chestnut street trees have been cut down on the curb pushed back without the trees his his old street had a baroness that made the houses some frame. Some brick appear exposed and

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