Getting Rich Might Be Easier Than You Think


Things like grocery shopping. That's why this podcast features funny stories from fantastic writers about our daily alien nominees a micro audio book about life and befuddle men just for you our story. This week is from BB. Nicholson who oh you'll find on medium DOT COM and here is getting rich. Might be easier than you think. I'm going to be rich. Don't laugh this is a slam dunk. I don't even need to publish bestseller or start a company. What's more I'll let you in on a secret? You too can avail yourself of this potential windfall. The beginning of my ride to riches occurred in the summer of two thousand thirteen gene on what started out as an ordinary day it ended as an ordinary day to but my assessment of the day as ordinary even even boring goes to show that the least significant activities. The stuff we are tempted to write off as forgettable are the things that catapulted catapult us to unexpected rewards. I remember the day. Well no or maybe not so well but I can reconstruct it. I was in the kitchen feeling those first pangs of hunger that surface when you've already had lunch and it's not time for dinner and you can't focus or do anything much until you've had something to eat. I could have reached for an apple or a banana but my craving was for something salty salty artificially flavored and devoid of all nutritional value. I reached for the giant variety snack. Pack I bought IT COSTCO CUSCO A few weeks earlier. Only to realize with dismay that all the potato chips and Fritos were gone. The only thing left was cheese. He's it's if you haven't figured out where this is going by now. You haven't read today's Wall Street Journal. The story is on page. Eighteen eighteen. Three women are suing. Kellogg's the manufacturer of cheese it because they feel misled and they want justice one the plaintiffs Linda castle purchase cheese. It's approximately three times in two thousand thirteen from Grocer in Torrance California her lawsuit and her pursuit of justice stem from the assumption that her cheeses contain more whole grain than the label would lead one to believe so what you might be thinking who cares if Linda Castle but she sits and believe she was consuming a health food. There's a sucker born every minute. According to P. T. Barnum. But here's the caveat. The cheeses were labeled whole grain and and although the box explains that they contained five to eight grams of whole grain for each twenty nine grams. Serving the plaintiff felt deceived received. Mrs Castle and the other plaintiffs are seeking damages other monetary relief and declaration corey relief. Whatever whatever that means although a federal judge dismissed the case ruling that the whole grains wording was factually correct and the label would neither mislead nor deceive a reasonable consumer the? US Court of appeals has reversed the dismissal. Here's where there I come in and maybe you if you've eaten cheese it anytime in the past eight years the plaintiffs want a class action suit consisting the of anyone in the US or its territories who has bought cheeses eight since two thousand ten. According to The Wall Street Journal there there are thousands possibly millions of people who bought cheese. It's all of whom munched away happily without formal complaint. The more I think about it the better I remember that fateful day when I reach for the cheeses I can still hear the bag. Cellophane Russell smell the cheesy odor. Her Savor the crunchy junk food. Taste my husband probably qualifies for the Class Action Suit to the other day. He fished just a bag of cheez. Its with a two thousand one expiration date from the back of the Pantry. I forget how good these things are. He said digging digging in his fingers dusted with the Telltale Orange Stain. That is the bane of all cheese at eaters. Especially those who sit on white white couches. Maybe white couch owners should sue to forget all the list as you've read about how to get rich you don't need to wake up at five. Am During Gay Spinach Yogurt Green Tea smoothie run eight miles and meditate chanting Prima all before four eight o'clock. After what you begin your workday with a single mindedness and positivity that would put zig ziglar to shame

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