The M62 Coach Bombing - February 4, 1974


The day was February. Fourth Nineteen seventy four twelve. People were killed in a bombing on the m sixty two motorway in northern England. That Monday a private coach was carrying more than fifty military personnel and their family members earth as they traveled along the m sixty two just after midnight a bomb exploded in the coaches luggage compartment. The explosion could be heard for miles els. Eleven people were killed on the scene and one person died a few days later among the deceased were nine soldiers a woman in two children around at the time people suspected that the Irish Republican Army or IRA was responsible for the bombing. The previous several years years has seen the IRA carry out a series of deadly bomb attacks. In Britain politicians and the press immediately began blaming the paramilitary organization a quick investigation of a tag lead to the arrest of Judith Ward authorities knew that she attended Xinfei marches Sinn Fain is a left-wing Irish Irish Republican political party and forensic tests on explosives done by forensic scientists Frank skews supposedly linked her to the bombing. The grease tests found that. She had nitroglycerine on her hands. Van and bag word was arrested just ten days after the bombing when she was in Liverpool waiting waiting on a ferry to Ireland. She even had a notebook on her with. IRA slogans it after a couple of days of questioning ward admitted to committing the bombing gene. The police planned on charging her with putting the bomb at the bus station but when it became clear that she was nowhere near the bus station at the time of the bombing. They decided decided to charge her with planning and organizing the explosion. She went to child in October of nineteen seventy four though. She had a history of mental illness. This information and the potential that she was not fit to enter a plea was concealed at trial she had also changed retracted and made contradictory statements. Minson her confessions which were made under disorienting conditions. She confessed to other bombings. Besides that sixty to win her confessions and and the forensic evidence were used to convict her of murder and in November she was sentenced to twelve concurrent life. Sentences one for every person who died in the bombing the media portrayed her as a dangerous criminal later the method that skews used to test. The explosives was discredited. The tests could show up positive. What if with harmless materials? That had nothing to do with the bomb and the forensic scientists involved in wards case could have manipulated their interpretation of the evidence plus the prosecution did not reveal that ward had a record of confessing to crimes. She did not commit the Court of appeal determined that her confessions were unreliable and quashed her criminal. Convictions were spent eighteen years in prison before she was freed on. Unconditional bail in one thousand. Ninety two

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