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It came out last night everyone accepted that Johnson was GonNa win the majority that he did but it did get Scotland Lynn slightly wrong so the exit poll had this Scottish National Party. Winning almost every seat in Scotland fifty five out of fifty nine. I think it is in the end. They haven't haven't won that many they they've they're in the high forties and the Conservative Party is held up a bit better. The Liberal Democrats a bit better in Scotland the party that's been wiped out in Scotland. Just has one seat now is labor. And that's another problem for labor going forward the Scottish basis gone. What that result does it sets up a looming confrontation which may become the central confrontation tation British politics post brexit between the Scottish national parties demand for another independence referendum and Johnson's referred refusal to grant? He said he went granted and Johnson. Kenya refused he has a majority in parliament. He can do effectively what he likes. But the SNP have equally got a mandate to say that the people of Scotland voted for an after after brexit. When we leave which we will do in a few weeks that case will become stronger? So that's one of the big takeaways from this election. The other Alan you can do. The grief of the Liberal Democrats have had a about election. They went in with a lot of hopes. It was even talk about them winning being a one hundred seats. That leader Jo Swinson allowed herself to be allow talked about herself as a plausible prime minister. And they have have. I think they've made two gains and thus that it's possible they could make one more but they've lost some seats as well so they have a at the moment. At as we speak the have eleven seats they may end up with twelve. which is where they started after the last election so literally? They've got nowhere but they've also leader. They've lost a leader because she lost her seat they they have increased the percentage of the vote The show the vote that they have but it's much less efficiently distributed even in the small percentage that they have than it was last time. And I think that the the problem that they had was that they made choices about how to deal with the brexit issue. Shoe and the Cuban issue. That didn't really line up with the circumstances of the electoral system and the possible targets that they had actually winning seats so to make gains. They really needed to take seats away from the Conservatives aside the the primary pool of voters they should have been interested in a conservative remain voters. But it's pretty clear that these conservative remained voters have largely stayed with the Conservative Party. And they have done. And so because they've prioritized stopping Kuban being prime minister over stopping brexit so in order to try to have them vote Democrat the most important thing for the Liberal Democrats would have been to do everything. They possibly could to demonstrate their anti Corbin credentials and an is not what Jo Swinson ended up doing any other say about about Liberal Democrats as I think though if you look at it from the outside it doesn't look like such a catastrophe for them as said they've increased their vote share. They've ended up probably with as many seats as they had. They've lost their leader. Ada but what meat will go down in the annals of British political history is one of the supreme acts of Hubris is that they triggered this election. I Johnson was still in trouble a few months ago. Parliament had him if not cornered at least facing some pretty unenviable choices and the election was his way out and labor for the most as part not all of them but many of them were trying to resist that and it was Jo Swinson the Liberal Democrat leader. Who made the first move? Who basically opened the door for Boris Johnson? Listen and not only as he marched through it but he's trampled her in his wake. And I think for that reason this election will actually be remembered among other things particularly unfortunately for her for Jo Swinson Act of Hubris and it will become a kind of morality tale. Be careful what you wishful from. Maybe a little bit more of an academic perspective. I past the post system with a bunch of parties competing is somewhat complicated. And you get a lot of plurality winners instead of majority majority winners. How much of a sense is there that some of the constituency? Some of the elections were spoiled by the fact that it's a multi-party system. And there there were so many plurality winners yeah it depends what you mean by spoiled. The other party we haven't mentioned is the Brexit Party. Which is Nigel Ferocious Party? That also played a PA Pau in the shape of British politics. The last year by winning all European elections and effectively triggering the demise of Theresa May and the rise of Boris Johnson. And they came to this complicated arrangement that they would stand not in conservative seats but only in seats are currently held by non conservative candidates. They did well last night in some respects and some of these seats. He's they. They had really significant though share. So that The winners were not any not having a majority but actually quite low down in percentage terms. They do seem to have taken taken votes from the Labor Party as well as from the Conservative Party the Conservatives Great Fair was the Brexit party would cost them this election because they would split the pro brexit vote that didn't happen and it does seem that some Labor voters who with the ghosts Hallam was talking about. Couldn't quite make the leap from labored conservative. Found a safe resting place ice in Brexit party candidates and so that really complicated it. There are some seats at the Conservatives might have one from Labor that they didn't because the brexit party took some of their vote but there are clearly other seats. The Conservative Party did win and turn. Wasn't that high. So if you look at the numbers of votes that people are getting to win. These seats is often not much more than fifteen. Sixteen seventeen thousand votes is not a lot of votes. It is a really complex system even though the other thing that we have seen even in this election is the stranglehold of the two main parties outside of Scotland Labour and the Conservatives have one almost sees there's been a lot of discontent expressed with the electoral the system someone's that's being confronted with discontent with the choice of prime ministers because of they by historical son is anyway poor approval ratings. I mean spectacular poor approval ratings for Jeremy Corbyn in quite poor approval ratings for Boris Johnson. I do think those issues actually are not the same between the the choices of the leaders of the Party on the dynamics of the electoral system produce in terms of privileging the the two main parties tease. I think the interesting aspect though this election in this In regards to the electoral system is that the letter system is now. Oh played its part in settling the brexit question so we have had a general election that is also defy As a second referendum for and

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