Big Navi and the Ice Lake Fail


Weld nitwits this week. Computer Hardware twits weekly. Show about amazingly enough hardware. We're going to get some hands on useful information in some speculation some mayhem. We're going to talk about everything from phones to consoles to. Of course processors. GP Parents Norton joins US always by Mr Sebastian Compeq editor in chief. PC per who is still excited delighted. Delighted delighted delighted. Delighted amazed by the sixteen core. Thirty nine fifty. X Is this your favorite processor of twenty nine thousand nine slash early two thousand twenty. Certainly my favorite processor of twenty twenty so far. Patrick I mean the ear were were well underway. Where two weeks and I can't find a processor to top? It and I've tried fairly hard to do that. But we didn't have hands on with the thirty nine fifty x when it first launched right. It was in short supply. And here's the kind of the amazing thing about this. I finally released review of it because Suddenly availability got better. AMD was able to start sending out their second wave review samples so we we got caught up. And we're back up to speed benchmarked. The thirty nine fifty x in various situations and the kind of the amazing thing about this is For for a very small price premium per core over there already very impressive Reisen nine thirty nine hundred acts. Yeah and it's about a five dollar premium precor so not that much you get a processor that has sixteen cores instead of twelve slightly higher. Fire single core clocks and lower Based clock it's kind of this odd trade off the thirty nine hundred. X Is Twelve twenty twenty four threads three point eight GIGAHERTZ and it can boost up to four point six GIGAHERTZ and then the rising nine you you have. The full sixteen cores to two. Eight courtship bullets fully enabled slightly lower overall Speed three point five gigahertz. So three hundred megahertz slower. which you'd expect when you increase core counts in the density and worries about leakage and all kinds of stuff so yeah it makes sense but then it can single core boosts up to four point seven and the only way they really could achieve leave? This is through beginning. They were kind of cherry picking of the chip. Let's being used so. They could clock that slightly higher single core number. And we've talked about this throughout the year last year pretty much. Since this was announced that E. Three that they're the bidding process on. This could potentially be problematic attic and it seemingly was now within the last week or two. I'm seeing these show up at their seven. Forty P randomly like they'll be in stock at best buy or or something and I'm seeing prices on Ebay. Drop all the way down to around seven hundred ninety nine dollars so it seems like it's stabilized. Seven nanometer yields must be pretty good because all of a sudden this is around 'em SRP which is kind of nuts. And then. I mean we could talk about the performance. I mean just imagine we we. We've talked about it before on the podcast but It's were onto a newer version of the firmware. The agenda version is different aren't than when the CPU actually launched. I tested it with the latest. So like one dot co dot co dot four revision B that we're on right now but it is gonNA show you like you're going to see higher overall performance easily because you're dealing with something that has four more cores eight more threads but just comparing period against the Intel side. I was looking at recent results that I I'd run over the last month or two with four nine ten nine hundred Z.. That thousand dollar flagship high desktop part from Intel and compared to that this is still giving you slightly higher performance in certain workloads. Pretty much all of the workloads that I tested Had the thirty nine fifty x on top. And it's a cheaper part You know video compression testing that I did You can argue whether x sixty four to pass. Is the right way to test video anymore. I need to switchover handbrake or whatever but seven ZIP compression. It was faster It was faster. Incentives like the usual Benchmark numbers the people. Look at you. You're seeing a a processor. I think because of the core clock clock speed advantage was actually beating out the eighteen core ten nine eighty x z and just across the like every CPU benchmark that Iran and then in the gaming tests it got got kind of ugly for ten eighty C.. which is consistently delivered the lowest with the same Graphics Card Yeah The ten ninety x consistently offered the lowest gaming performance of the of the little group tested processors? I and I think there's a reason that Intel does not use this in their charts if they're talking about gaming performance they're going to be using the ninety nine hundred k. k.. Yes and I use the chaos. Well you know it's it's a round their actual MS RPM for that CPS this unusual five hundred and thirteen dollars so it's very close with thirty nine hundred x okay. We'll use Intel's best part and that that clock speed advantage does seem to help because that's a five gigahertz processor her and so it's faster even than the maximum single core boost of the third fifty x and it was. It was mildly interesting to look this over and see the differences between the the to rise in nine. They're so close I mean. Don't buy the thirty nine fifty x because you think it's going to be giving you better gaming performance because it's essentially essentially deadlocked with the thirty nine hundred x its trade. They traded back and forth over. which was faster is? Apparently some games were more reliant. The first single core performance and some of them the higher overall all core clock speed of thirty nine hundred x was still faster so but in the end I was happy to finally get through and benchmark the CPU Myself see how like what kind of value was as I had it in my head that a thirty nine hundred x was still a better value. And when I actually put together a Shar there's a section in my review it's on the pricing there's little price per core and it's based on launch price. So right we're finally the point where the thirty nine fifty x is basically at is launch price. And it's only like I said it's only five dollars more. It's like five dollars and twenty three cents more per core to get the sixteen version. You still. It's still a better value you to get the thirty nine hundred x technically. It is forty one dollars and fifty eight cents per core and the rise in nine thirty nine. Fifty X is forty-six eighty-one per core. You Bite it. Ms Syrupy and then Intel's processors next on the list at fifty four dollars thirty nine cents per core and that's if you can find it a and find it at the Ms Rpm so all of this is there's a lot of Assumptions being made. But it's it's impressive to see how on this EP side of things like CPU benchmarks intensive tasks and on the gaming side brazen nine is faster than Intel's core. I nine high in desktop part and it's not always especially close And you're also getting something that's a you know ten twelve dollars less per core and it's it's it's just really obviously. This has been beaten endlessly to death but the zen architectures really really good and I I am feeling more and more positive about their seven nanometer availability. The future of these high rise in nine parts becoming more mainstream when they felt like these sort of exotic hard Dubai processors for a long time over the last six months but they weren't necessarily surly exotic and hard to buy they they. They were impossible to buy which made them seem much more exotic than they actually are. Let's let's be honest. It was impossible to find. It also made me like looking at some of the the reported wattage consumption between the thirty nine hundred in one thousand nine hundred thirty nine hundred thirty nine fifty x yeah. Yeah we're we're seeing like one hundred fifty ish watts which is way over the hundred five watt TDP that they were talking about In real world And then which Actually and I'm seeing numbers for the thirty nine hundred. Some people are reporting consumption up in the neighborhood of two hundred watts which is so nine years ago. I don't have words for for it but at least you're getting a tremendous amount of performance for that

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