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Peacock Emerges From Its Shell


NBC Uni Comcast has released Peacock doc which is their competitor. We talk often about the streaming wars. The Competition Warner media has is coming online. Disney has come. Online and Netflix has been online Amazon Apple. It's it's a jungle out. There and Lil Peacock is going to walk out into the jungle and its debut in April. We learned this week. It's going to have multiple tiers this being a comcast product. If you're a comcast subscriber you are going to be able. We'll get peacock premium for free with ads. Or if you pay five bucks you're going to be able to get it ad free for those of us who don't subscribe to comcast's ask cable. There is peacock premium for ten dollars and peacock with ads for five dollars right. So if you don't have comcast or Cox doc I guess you can pay the ten dollars per month for access to fifteen thousand hours of live and on demand content or if you don't WanNa pay the ten bucks per month you can pay five per month and watch the stuff with ads. And there's a lot of stuff I mean if you look at the things they've announced you know. In addition to shows like the office and Dan you know movies that are going to be hoarded from the NBC library. They're doing a lot of originals. That are going to debut here. There's everything from things like Punky GI brewster sequel show two projects with Dick Wolf. And Amy Poehler Norman. Lear a lot of interesting stuff is going to be here on peacock. Yeah it's it's not quite the you know all the sort of meat and potatoes down there middle stuff. I think certain people were expecting for example. The Norman Lear project has is called clean slate at stars. Laverne Cox. She is the daughter of a old school car. Wash owner who is so happy that his estranged child is coming back to Alabama after many years but then it turns out that the estranged son is now an estranged daughter Played by the fantastic Laverne Laverne Cox so. That sounds very like Norman Lear and that is going to be one of the offerings. There's also something about called expecting about a young woman who is Sir no longer. Quite as young as she used to be and decides she wants to have a baby with her gay best friend so and and then there's something about the advent of twitter. I mean there's there's quite a mix if if you're a law and order fan you're you're going to end up wanting to get this and you can get a free version called peacock free but you won't get access you'll only get about half of the programming coming off offered on the premium version An you know a delay on the on the current NBC shows. So you won't get everything but you can get a version of this us for for free with ads. So that's their strategy. I know there's been some skepticism about it. I I I gotta think though that a lot of people who are sort of overwhelmed by all the a bigger numbers they're paying we'll look that's cheaper than Disney You know it's it's an inexpensive introductory price. At least yeah and this is part of the whole comcast a strategy. You mean they are hoping to get to thirty thirty five million subscribers in five years less than the ninety or so the Disney is looking for but but keep in mind that comcast is still very much in the cable business and they've approached this very much as a cable provider who is launching a supplementary service service for the people that are cord cutters and don't subscribe to comcast's but also for the people that do and there's going to be an advertising component that it is very big on this service unlike dizzy and unlike apple and unlike netflix. So they're going to have dual revenue streams here and they believe that each subscriber to this service will give them about ten will give them about seven dollars in revenue and that's a decent return. Yeah we'll see how it does I you know they're. They're also buying from all different suppliers instead of supplying everything themselves. So they're they're going their own way and we'll see how it works out. Thank you

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