How To Look After Your Family's Relationship With Food


SOCI- to help the aged for kids. 'cause I'm delighted that you're joining US state and the way to hear more about you. Would you introduce yourself a tennis school. You are and what you do of course thank you very much for having me so my name is so thank you madeline and full disclosure the beginning I am an adult Dietitian. I have comedian thoughts moving congestion sites today I spent spent some years working in the NHL. So I did mainly specializing in adults. Who have Bob Wins then Dini associate five years as In beset shame initially at university and then at King's college and under about this time last ed I ended up quitting my job at kings. And now what myself so alongside magnetic Always done some private practices consultancy wack which Nov now. You're very passionate about helping people have people in difficult and challenging medical situations. And we've done a little bit onside. built uh-huh gradually when I came to London Gem yes Now to what myself I I do WanNa consultations and one of the reasons on today's contributed Id Women who have complex relationships with used because burials. Didn't I end up talking Stan coming to new because if thinking Samsung family and they want to deal with relationships with food before they have children because they worry about policy on Sunday keep exploring a bit more anxious to see those. The patients Having post surgery or passageway irradiating. Thanks idea Action about keeping to the things that I on good things. I'm joy in the things I on especially consultancy company so like design things like that which would probably went on to say and I say what Ah with reformer on the mini mealtimes mid week until show. That sounds really great being very busy. And you obviously an explosion a few different areas and congratulations and starting your creed Lonzo practice your boss in town. You think this area abandoned mother's relationship with food is really important one and I want talk with you about that today because I can see that and how it does affect families do with and I wanted to sort of introducing that concept so that if there are any munns listening in today they can start to recognize it and I know where to go for help if they are if they feel would likes support so and of course the as as you can see media especially Shauwie that would be city rates all on the rise and I know this knots contoversial conversations around that topic in itself. But how much do you think is perhaps linked to mother's own relationship with food so I think it's very complicated unless suppose there's an interesting vesting. Divine intensive is a bit of a wealth device may be as the right with pitching it or social. Divide in these kinds of things so I think that possibly talk talk of patients that you and I see it often activities. The most relationship with food might being more around restriction. Might be more around. A misconceptions about what's healthy healthy was not healthy. For example I might see patients who say will automatically getting my children hydrates hydrates snaky FIS lies and of course children hydrates Aquarius and serrated complicates to area. OJ things not getting children. Children processed food which they would include like you did not move this stuff children in the very very high fiber diets conscious about giving them the writings and avoiding shook Iran using toxic around children talking about food good food and bad food. So that's kind it at one end of this section of May and then of course the the other end of the spectrum of families what Hap- struggling to cook and eat healthy food because they never had the model to them perhaps they are struggling significantly can lead to get home in time to cook healthy hops. They didn't have the access to the knowledge of the resources in order to do that and Mike Fun believe that every parent during the past full that children and sometimes our best is not quite Difficult so I suppose we're talking about these things. I think. differentiate between his secrets and in his rules interesting to observe that quite often now flashing special and we have often have parents working fulltime children. Nasri route so the timing. Obviously that stuff's fine lovely but but it doesn't mean that when parents with children want to be the ones giving the treats getting when the nice things in kids do our tracks into your gene eight High Maya carbohydrate sugar and things and so I think there's a number of issues that can feed-in but primarily a style. I see a women who have complex relationships with themselves in they. All Yoga died in will ever much in going through detox. Dieting Damenich Maybe not happy with the body's trying to accept that their bodies to change your pregnancy so those kinds of women the ICS. Probably yes. And I couldn't agree. I I do ause Families do these reflective practice when a senior especially when they want to do some work around very severe fussy eaters and and is not necessarily for children with autism but situation who have just managed become Fussy ages that has been any input into either. There's always if they see a GPO nutrition sometimes it said it'd be towed. Look child is growing perfectly fine. Don't worry about it then outgrow it but of course was as as we know some Joan if you don't give them the right support and the experience journey in helping this is around that reflective practice on why might that China has become a fuzzy Egypt. And how about my own feeding practices so patterns. And how is that affecting the judge and that's very difficult very difficult experience and when parents make that realization I I guess I'd I'd love to know. What would you advise for a mother or father who might have realized that actually nineties nineties locked in the evening we don't eat particular food groups like hawks perhaps in the evening and you don't want to sitting there at the table without eating eighteen minutes foods we we understand is important to run road actually emotionally psychologically? That's difficult for me to do so I would encourage them to you. Speak to somebody about that. Relationship with food and think about the virus is ation what's going on in Difficult in women. We often get get to a stage where we finally cracks. If things that make up only spoke good to keep await. We want to see in all these things have a little passenger comes into the mix. You actually need you to do something different. And I think that It's about sitting down with with professional. Could be a mental health professional or it could be somebody alike may while we talk about relationships food what that means. What does it mean? If you got hydrates with your children what will happen the Behind that and trying to unpick some of those behaviors so that you can perhaps think more About ways around Doing things that would actually give you the outcome that he wants to get the want. Is that your child. Grows healthy happy and eat. All foods doesn't have enough about eating carbohydrates. These Chinese pushing kids love carbohydrates the rape. Need that done on. It should come from Hydra deprive but families. Sometimes it comes the surprise when essentially when actually there although you can serve up family neil their proportion of energy and Some of the food groups will be addict frontier. You and that comes as such a big

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