Missing woman last seen leaving bar with 2 men, texted friends she was in trouble


You know about the disappearance of the Alabama woman her body was recently found in a shallow grave but her disappearance caught everyone's eye on social media because she texted a friend as she I think was leaving a bar with two guys that she was quote unquote in trouble and you have to wonder what might have happened it did not end well they did find her body an Alabama man has been charged not only with her disappearance but with abusing her corpse yeah Frasier camped in fifty years old was charged on thirty with Thursday with the abuse of Peyton how Houston's course Hampton hasn't been charged with involvement in her death but he hasn't yet surrendered to authorities in other words they think it's certainly knows him they are looking for him Hampton was initially held in the Birmingham city jail beginning December twenty eighth on suspicion of kidnapping but he was released two days later after investigators failed to gather enough evidence to charge him with a crime the sheriff and their office have said it has evidence Hampton and Houston were together December twentieth the night she disappeared after leaving a Birmingham bar with two men sheriff's office office deputy chief David AG said news conference that our family members had told news outlets Houston sent a text to a friend that night asking the person to answer it she called because she didn't know who she was with texting quote I feel in trouble close

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