McCarthy's the new sheriff in town - burst 4


A better job in free agencies in the packers especially getting Darius Sniff and Preston Smith for their defensive front and you know creating real pressure that they didn't have I mean we all saw what happened to Dallas when they lost by ten To the packers this year and it's it's worth noting that Matt Leflore you know first year head coach. He's the only first year head coach among the eight in the league this year. who had a winning record? One is division in and went to the playoffs and part of that success was he inherited Aaron Rodgers. Nobody else did that And he had the good fortune of a general manager who was aggressive receving free agency and who made very wise investments and has created a defense. That's far more competitive than it was in previous years. I guarantee you Mike McCarthy was sitting up there in Green Bay is that we're gonNA thirteen and three but out of ordering. Well how come this expenditure was never. I never had the luxury of this opportunity. You know how how come I always had one

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