Right Tom Hanks made me in most


Yeah they looked right Tom Hanks made me in most I only saw the clip back of him accepting his big award but so so he was there with his wife Rita and you want to talk about a couple that's got it Tom Hanks yeah and Rita Wilson goes all family was there always kids were there now you got me you you feel happiness in that couple just makes you smile and have you seen a beautiful day in a row no I haven't seen the ad on Craig's Mister Rogers I yeah I know that but it's changed my life it'll make you a better person I need or at least for a day long ties they did all of this film is craving yeah yeah I think I don't think right now I'm pretty so many of the movies Turner and hooch did you forget that yeah yeah don't sadly do not that is a coming of age story Mike Turner hooch right now you might think that lash that's my beginning of Tom Hanks for me and what a body of work well it is there that Cecil B. DeMille award last night as he got and Ellen DeGeneres we must salute Ellen de generous who has brought joy joy joy and happiness to so many people she is hysterical she was last night I watched her speech back to and for it's just so well deserved I

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