Chinatown Seeing Business Plunge Due to Fears Surrounding Coronavirus


Supposed to be a busy time of year in New York city's Asian communities Chinatowns lunar new year parade is coming up at one o'clock this afternoon but fears about corona virus or getting in the way EE CBS reporter Kristi collision has the story from Chinatown Shanghai deluxe has a steady flow of customers coming in but it's not nearly as busy as it normally is around Chinese New Year you have everyone who support of a small businesses from the local level all the way to the federal level sending the same message New York is open for business city small business commissioner Greg bishop is having dinner with China town did director Wellington chan and congresswoman Nydia Velazquez as a reminder that new Yorkers and visitors alike need not worry about the corona virus which originated in China there are so far no cases of the virus reported in New York in fact the flu is what officials are urging new Yorkers to worry about congresswoman Nydia Velasquez says hopefully in a week business will be back in Chinatown I expect that more consumers will walk through the doors like nothing is happening because reading nothing is happening in Chinatown critically Shian WCBS newsradio eight eighty

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