New 3D Printing Extruders Are Coming Your Way


Time for US talk about Three D. printing again and there are announcements. Well actually they've been announced for a while and hopefully by now we will have some of them of a whole bunch of new extruders souders starting with one which we're GONNA be talking in detail about. I think next time around the time after the zesty nimble they're coming out with their version into and they should have shipped mid December but we all know how dot goes so. Hopefully we have them now. I've ordered three of them for the tool changer. Because the value that they sent me worked so beautifully however I will probably also beginning the second extruder that was announced earlier last year in December actually before December the three D Amirah which was originally called the Hermes. They changed it to Amarah. I wonder what else did a Hermes in three different than could be And and and While the zesty nimble comes with breath Basically just the extruder system and the cable that attached to the stepper the Humira and the next extruder that we're going to mention comes with the stop promoter. Attached the E. Three Homero is Pretty special in that it it customizes the casing of the stepper motor to have within it a dual wheeled a dual Hobday gear extra a feeding system. That has the shortest path from from the gear to the hot end. That I think I've ever seen it's really really interesting. Very very interesting design Kind of a very similar to bonte contact. The both sides of the filament have geared hob gears that are driving it also it has a very interesting heat sink underneath the fan which is designed to drive the air away from the hot end area Very innovative. They put a lot of engineering into do it. We're looking forward to try and get. Unfortunately though in my opinion they use the mid sized stepper motor versus the pancake sized stepper motor odor. Not sure why I need to talk with them more about that. I've heard that they may be coming out with a version with the pancakes is that is the smaller stack. So it's much lighter. Maybe half the weight of the mid sized stepper and in in my experience when I've switched to to these smaller steppers. Yeah the Torque is less but it's still well within tolerance and I save a ton of weight which makes for a much higher quality quality print. So we we will probably be getting a hammer and I'll be shoehorned into one of the tools of the tool changer for comparison sake. Hopefully we'll see how things go in the near future. Yeah what I don't understand about this designers. They're going to all this trouble to make you know there's all these custom parts it's quite expensive. I like the The driving you know the dual driving from both sides but Yeah but they're not the first guys to come up with that but I can sort of justify it. In terms comes of reducing weight you know keeping the parts as minimal as possible and reducing the overall weight of the extruder but then they make a Boden version of it. I don't I understand. I understand why you'd care about the weight. Convert on tech bomb attack has the same thing with the boat and version of the BMG. So possibly they're seeing themselves competing beating with the bond market. Well the bond tech is. That's just that's a really good extruder Yummy do you. Don't care so much about the weight you're looking at the. You know the dual drive live systems and this is a dual drive system. So we're hoping that is at least as good as the bond tech for their sake. It'd better be better be or they're not gonNA sell many on one thing that they like to push that you you just screw in the thermal tubes for any of their extruders I mean. They're they're hot blocks so they're volcano their V six all their different hop block designs. Pathway designs will fit to this. So it's it's pretty versatile for their for the tool we'll change your though The folks he three D have come up with bolt on parts. So that it'll go onto the tool plate however you know that's a lot of weight you've got the stepper motor for this camera. You've got the small stepper motor for the tool control. You've got all the carriages. That may be too much much. Wait for the tool changed your. But we're GONNA find out we're going to testify ourselves and compare it to a tool. That has a zesty nimble on it which only adds like ninety four grams versus nine hundred something grams quite a bit of a difference and then we have a third extruder. That was announced right before Christmas. From the folks at Micro Swiss these folks make some really Nice nozzles and Philemon Thermal tubes they've come up with a design that's a direct replacement for for the CR ten in the ender three basically replaces the entire X. carriage however again the it's a mid sized stepper that's writing in the X. Axis which can be a problem however on these machines you don't print as quickly the Mendel based where the the bed is in the Y axis which is a mental based usually you don't print more than sixty at Mac sixty millimeters unders per second whereas the machines were thinking of usually around eighty millimeters per seconds. Does it make a difference. Time will tell. We'll find out I I don't know I We may explore one of those. I'm my my gut. Tell me again. The zesty nimble may be the better approach. One thing looking at the picture that they have on their website the path distance from the actual geared feeder down into the tube is fairly long and that could become a problem in the heat sink. Looks kind of small tiny heat sink. They have to get the the stepper motor up over the the horizontal Gantry bar so that's why it has to be that far. I would have positioned at forward and reversed it. Yeah you could you could do that But then you're putting in all this weight that's cantilevered out from the the linear motion Crusades off. Yes it can be done. It's just a matter of you. Know Designing Zayn balancing out the different

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