The Primaries Project: How 1968 Changed Everything - burst 06


Presidential candidates. She's also a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and a member of the democratic like National Committee for most of American history really from the eighteen thirties all the way through nineteen sixty eight the nomination nomination process was basically a semi public process or or private process that took place within the the political parties. That means the party establishment held the power back then. The parties generally used caucuses which were meetings of Party. Insiders could select delegates to eventually go to the national convention. The delegates were generally well known people within the parties. They were not required to vote for any one candidate and they were often chosen before candidates even entered the race some of the Margaritis examples in the fifties and sixties where the Democratic Party. She had held caucuses on trains and they weren't announced until after the train had left the depot. That's Wayne Stagger. Political science professor at Paul University even after party reformers succeeded in implementing primaries in about a dozen states in the early nineteen hundreds. They didn't directly influence who the nominees would be most of the time in primaries. You had what we're called favourite sons so say a governor or popular Senator Senator from the state they would run in the primary for president. Even though they didn't

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