Soul Cycles: Ep. 214 - burst 15



A time in Hollywood. Oh yeah good movie Quentin Tarantino Sort of love owed to late nineteen sixties. He's La Culture endless scenes of Brad Pitt driving around La listening to the radio that I just find phenomenal. You know and and sort of the stories of Roman when Polanski and the Manson killing and not that these are things to delight in but sort of holes in his packs. His PECs and APPS are dreaming. Brad Pitt is a very handsome man and he he is probably. If I was a betting man he will win the best supporting actor this year and deservedly so he's very very good. Leonardo DiCaprio sort of the lead actor in the film. So that might be. My favorite also really loved the Irishman which is another one nominated for best picture. That's Martin Scorsese's AAC news two hours too long. It's a long movie but you know what when he deserves to be long. How how much time do you spend watching? TV shows going This episodes no good but

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