The Rolling Stones are headed back on tour


It's the rolling stones is will we ever actually collect amassed quite a collection of bands that we have this yeah use for but right now it's the rolling stones because they just announced tour dates and they are coming to the Twin Cities may thirteenth I believe okay I anyway my point is we don't know how much longer they'll be touring and they do not mean that I think they're going to die I just mean they're getting up there yeah in there they might at some point going to die or they'll just decide not to tour anymore in the probably die well everybody's gonna die and be going until they're dead right because they might be they might be rolling stones into other literally Roland style yeah Ames role in any case so they're coming to tell my husband says do we have to go out the roads out like I said we've accidentally amassed a large collection of bands like that which is a problem that I will deal with on my own time but what is that band for you six five one six four one one oh seven when the band or act or solo you know performer whatever who is if you absolutely have got to see every time they come through Bradley I am not a band person so this one he can I just a man do this to include singers yeah that's like any band act singer solo whatever I feel like I haven't seen Diana Ross yet I want to see Diana Ross surely bassy I haven't seen she still with us fingers crossed I mean it's going to be people like that because all it and the only people that I would have seen that are already passed on with the Michael Jackson and I know that's an awkward take but yeah all of the folder all exploded out on to the interwebs he would have been on my list but I I've seen most everyone else that I want to see if like for example I saw Fleetwood Mac if they came around again I don't need to see them all right I saw that and I don't feel well now I it's even less likely I would see them because they're not it's not it's not like the true actual which is why we wanted to go so

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