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Passion and storytelling a tour of the key ingredients to become a wine expert according to so Michelle Gaetan. A certified smiliar based in New Orleans in United States biscay tone transition from politics to event management and then became came one of the minority of female semillas currently working in the US. She spoke to the International Labor Organization as part of a photography project to mark the the centenary of the establishment of the UN agency. The project cold dignity at work the American experience documents the working life of people across the United States Kevin Cassidy the director of the Islands Office for the United States sent down with her during a tasting event at a wind. Cornball in New Orleans we focus on education that's the main focus here at Swirl I'm a consultant. I work throughout the city. This is one of my main stays. It's one of the places to work at because people come in You know for education for Great Selection Beth. The owner does a great job of selecting electing wines. That are Boutique Artisanal. That's what we focus on so we pour by the glass we retail shop so by the bottles well and a lot of seminars seminars. Which I've been part of Teaching some of the seminars as well so lot of educational efforts here. Did you ever think you'd be doing this. Show twenty years ago I was in D.. We see in politics. I got the hell out of After a very successful race but after that I worked in event management and With a company that was global so I traveled the world but wine and food and people were passion New Orleans is home Tom. I came back five years ago. So what was the inflection point. When did you decide? This is what I'm GONNA do honestly. I was was working on a yacht in in Europe for the company I worked with and I was planning. I planned this big event I loved wine at the time I was interested but when it became a passion and it just became an obsession with this one point out on the after the event the stewardess of the yacht came up and said. Would you like a glass of wine. I was exhausted ahead. You know planned all the travel arrangements for everybody participating summating everything from sunup to sundown and when she gave me a glass of Chardonnay. And I wanted to call bull I tasted it and it was burgundy which I knew the difference between American Chardonnay and and French Chardonnay. But that was the moment when I realized that even within one region lesion burgundy you can have so many different styles ones so at that point it became an obsession and a star trek to get certifications and be where I am today. She wanted take to be certified a lot of drinking a lot of tasting a lot of study. It's very very difficult to test a hard Certification and then I've been through the third level To go on to get your masters I've had colleagues. That have stopped stopped working because they need to study for several years years I decided to move back to New Orleans. My job as a master here would not be worth it. I would have have to go elsewhere so I haven't pursued the master level but I'm very happy with where I'm at but it's a Lotta work. It's it's a lot of studying a lot of work and I don't think most people realize realized you drink for a living. Well really I mean kind of but It's it's it's studying is intense. You give me an example apple of something that you doing recently that you thought this is exactly why I do what I do. I mean that's almost every day. I work in my environment when I introduced somebody to something that they he wouldn't have fathomed. You know people people nervous they. They are scared to say a lot of people are scared to say. They don't know a lot about why but they say oh well. I love of calves but as soon as I give them what I love to do is just give them a simple TESA. Tell me you like bold reds and give you a taste of something completely different that you know you haven't heard of just now. I just poured a pig near leto sparkling wine which is from Italy for somebody and then this. It's amazing how good you know but it's to give people that experience that says. Wow this is cool. You just opened my you know. I just opened their mind up to something something new and different and unique and for me. I go home happy end of the day if somebody's had a unique experience because that's how am I passed. That's how I got started. I had a unique experience experience on a yacht. I like when people leave with a unique experience. I can go home and sleep. You really truly a teacher. I am an educator. I love a love. Educating three characteristics that really important in your business would've three skill sets. Maybe passion is number one because the money is not in this job. There's no there's a lot of money passionate number one number two is Yeah Culture and people and I feel like I'm from New Orleans is a lot of culture in my town in my blood but the the culture what I'm talking about when I say culture culture is the storytelling behind the ones. I think that's so important. It's not about like you said it's not about the technical. It's not about you. How long were the groups mass reading on the skins or how much Mala lactic fermentation to get through? Its you talk about the families and the people behind these wines. I I like stories. That's more of a selling point than the technical data in any level of understanding at my level. You know I appreciate it. Why less because of technical nickel data more because of the story and what? I'm tasting the experience of that moment to read to absolutely being in this industry for a long time and in different states and working in different positions from either selling wine or buying wine and working with customers. A lot of people. Ask me well. What's your favorite wine? which should I drink today tonight? which should I order woods. The best wine. What's the best pairing? My my first question is what do you typically like a woody in the mood for because if I give them my favorite everybody's different so you have to read people so you have to kind of almost dissect their pallet before you recommend to Just more on the kind of job side of things now. You mentioned that in order to go to the higher level. You'd probably have to move from New Orleans but your choice desires to stay here in your hometown so to speak so she wouldn't look mean to you. Workers Important obviously but family in culture very important to so for me. It's finding the balance between my work. My Passion my family culture. That's what working in Sydney. You're you're following it. It's not even just passion. What I often hear from people is that this is my gift on very good? I think I am. I've I've been told that but yes I it's not just passion you have to have maybe a gift or an act but I think that that gift. Your Napkin come with passion. You know you can develop that when you have the passion to develop it and mindedness Chris above until you work before in Washington and you've moved on and you've worked on that boat and you we're putting together planning for Party is now the some a and you have another job that you do as well to to make ends meet here. Yeah so what What have you learned about About yourself and the world around you in in the world of work shall we say and I have learned that that I love experiencing other people in other cultures but also a to be very open to opportunities and that has gotten me along way because there is some opportunities that came. They were presented to me that I I almost feared I've learned not to be fearful and if you if you can't get beyond that you can't be successful and you have to fail and fail and fail before you can be successful or feel like you're good and successful what you do Systems to your canoeist yes absolutely persistence. And yes and creativity to make ends meet. And I've hit rock bottom autumn and I've failed and I've you know lived in cars and sofas and couches and I had a great job in my twenties and I left it all from my passion. And what advice do you give to. For example young women were looking for the world of work looking forward to that. Follow your dreams. Don't let let fear get away and they very open to opportunities even if you don't think it's the right

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