Star Wars: The correct order to watch all the movies and shows


When it comes to the Star Wars World I am a bit of a purist. I like to watch I like to marathon anything but when I watched the star shows and movies I like to watch everything being in the order that they were actually released. I feel like that's the way that the story unfolded for us. The world and that that's the right way to experience experience the story so that being said I usually will start with episode four and then do four five six one two three and so on But for those of you who are interested in experiencing the star wars world in in the actual time line on how everything fits together. I have worked out the order for you And so we're going to go through that right now. So if you're interested in watching things chronologically how they happened in the Star Wars universe. You're going to want to start with with episode. One Phantom menace. That is of course the origin story of Incan Skywalker next. You're going to want to go with episode to attack of the clones. And then you're going to want to break from the movies and been the clone. Wars animated made it series I believe that there's five seasons of it. It's a really great show. Well animated get you a lot more information about the storm troopers burgers and all of the Cologne related stuff Once you're done with the clone wars animated series. You're going to want to pick up with episode three revenge of this when you're done with that you're GonNa go into a star wars story and see that origin story of Consolo. Not Everybody liked Selo. I personally did. I thought it was really funny. And probably the best that they could have done with the Han Solo origin. Origin Story And we also get to find out why his name is Hans Solo so that Super Bowl once you're finished with Solo you're going to watch rogue one a star wars story. That was one of my favorite little side stories of the Star Wars Universe. By the way I really like how I really like how it ended. I thought it was perfect. So once you're done with that you're going to jump into the original movies and watch episode four a new hope hope episode five Empire Strikes Back and episode. Six return of the Jedi. Once you wrap up with return of the Jedi that's when the man delorean Laurean. TV show story starts and so feel free to jump in and watch that again when you're done with Manda Laurean you're gonNA pick up with the third trilogy in the trilogy of trilogies episode seven. The Force Awakens. You'll follow that up with episode eight the last Jedi and of course it just hit theatres this last weekend episode nine rise of the Skywalker. I was fortunate enough to get to go in sea rise skywalker this weekend. I absolutely loved it. It is jam packed knocked with information. It's been a day since I've seen it and I'm still playing back through it in my head I'm probably going to have to go and see it again So I highly recommend and that you go and see that but definitely take the time to go on and watch all of the other movies and shows I so that you're all set up in caught up in that Star Wars universe Before you get to see how the story resolves itself

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