Eagles Are In A Great Position To Win The NFC East


The eagles are put themselves in the driver's seat for an NFC east title head coach Doug Peterson hits the podium top of the hour and for more on the eagles let's check in live with you wanna be's ed bank at the practice facility in South Philadelphia what about I think we've all learned by now to trust Doug Peterson late December despite all the issues with this team here they are as you alluded to now in a position where they can win the NFC Siegel for that big win over Dallas yesterday and Doug Peterson told the St to the game a truly was a team and that could be a little cliche but it was very fitting yesterday the defense was spectacular keeping the cowboys out of the ends up getting a big stop from Sidney Jones on a fourth down play late in the game the eagles defense certainly was impressive yesterday despite dealing with images just like they were on offense but the backup brigade came through and also won rookie who's been a center in front of the front center of the running a tackle your mapa Sanders what a game yet a hundred fifty six total yards from scrimmage seventy nine yards rushing seventy seven yards passing and then there is the quarterback Carson Wentz who this year has your predictions wall supporters certainly came through on his team leader of the most thirty one for forty three hundred and nineteen yards also threw a touchdown pass so when studio to do but as you said after the game Matt they were happy about the win but they haven't won anything yet one more

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