Ukraine official: We will launch counteroffensive when ready


The top Ukrainian official says it's only a matter of time before his country's military achieves a necessary preparedness to launch its counter offensive against Russian troops. I'm Ben Thomas with the latest. The secretary of Ukraine's national security and defense council tells the AP the country's allies are helping Ukraine acquire the necessary equipment to launch the attack delivering heavy armored vehicles and ammunition, but Alexei danilov also expressed frustration that allied officials sometimes promise one thing and do a completely different one. Well, he didn't elaborate. President Bloomberg zelensky in his nightly address noted, delays in the delivery of promised weapons costs of Ukrainian soldiers. Dental office says Ukraine will not start any offensive unprepared and while stopping short of confirming the patriot air defense system promised by the U.S. has arrived. He says the Ukraine's current weapons stockpiles will be enough to curb Russia. I'm Ben Thomas.

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