Eric Sits Down With Professor James Tour


Tour, I'm so thrilled finally to get this chance to talk to you about some things that are really hard to process. I think I want to start maybe with the evening that my former friend Elizabeth blakemore introduced us. I'll never forget how you started in on me on this issue of the origin of life. It seemed like you had a bee in your bonnet. In fact, anybody who watches your videos knows you have many bees in your bonnet. And that's why I love you. You're delightful to listen to. But I mean, I want to talk to you about nanoscience, but can you just give us just a taste before we get into it of what you say to a stranger like me on the issue of the origin of life? I don't even remember our conversation. Well, you don't have to remember the conversation. I don't remember the conversation. Actually, I remember not being that impressed with you. No, but what I'm saying is that you kind of gave me the rundown of Miller urey and what we know today. Can you give us the paragraph version before we get into the deeper stuff? We're clueless on the origin of life. We don't know how to make the basic four classes of molecules that are needed for life. We've never people have never made them in a prebiotically relevant manner, which means that using chemistry that would have been available on an early earth when you didn't have all the big machines that we have now. How you could ever make those four classes of molecules.

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