Barry Meguiar: 'Our Growth Spurts Are in Times of Trouble'


My friend Barry Maguire, the book is ignite your life, defeat fear with effortless faith, sounds like a lot of baloney. Here's the problem. It's 1000% true. And there are people out there that say, I don't know, I don't know. And I believe you have to be around people who live this way because if unless you see it, you can't believe that they're the people who do this way. So I began that when I first became a Christian in 1988, I was at St. Paul's Darien. We've had my friend Keith junta on the show. I saw people who live this way, and then we all started going to Times Square church. And the people at Times Square church tended to live this way. David wilkerson, who was your friend for 40 years, lived this way. And I remember he preached a sermon. We talked about it at dinner last night. The sermon was titled right song, wrong side. I love it. And I was so affected by this sermon that over 20 years later, when I was asked to preach a Times Square church, I said, I bet you most of the people in this room have never heard this. So I halfway preached that sermon again. And that sermon sums up what we're talking about. David wow, because I mean, it's such a brilliant idea. He says that when the Israelites were trapped at the Red Sea, and pharaoh's armies coming down on them, and they're freaking out. Well, we know what happened. God parts the Red Sea. They go through. They come out the other side. The seas come back together. Pharaoh's army is drowned, and then when they're on the other side of the Red Sea, they sing the song. Then they sing. They sing the song praising God and praising God, and David wilkerson preach a sermon talking about they should have sung that song of deliverance before God delivered them because if you know who God is, you praise him in the midst of trouble. Yes. When bad things happen, you say, ah, this is a Friends are perfecting us. I thank God for every bad thing that's happened in our lives. Karen and I both do because we see our growth spurts are in times of trouble. We don't grow when we're in the mountaintop. It's during those tough times that we learn who God is. I thank God for all the tough times, including the death of our daughter. She's in heaven's celebrate. She's having the time of her life right now. And I'm going to be with her for eternity. So a thousand people came to her funeral. And I spoke at the funeral. There's a video of her funeral, okay? Nicole Maguire celebration of life. 11 thousand people have watched that video and hundreds have been saved. By watching the video of funeral. You know why? Because it was like, I knew most people watching me would not be Christians. And I wanted to say that my joy was not affected by circumstances. You know there's an interesting happiness and joy. We can be happy and unhappy throughout every day. That circumstantial. Joy, when you have joy, you just know God is there. It never leaves you. You have joy no matter what the world throws at you.

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