Will Alvin Bragg Try to Arrest Donald Trump at All?


Don't think this is going to happen that the district attorney Alvin Bragg in New York City is not going to arrest Donald John Trump. I think that he sees the writing on the wall here. Now, yesterday, a letter serviced. That seems to indicate that Donald Trump was not involved in the hush money payment to stormy Daniels. And this letter, it's pretty condemning. And this could be one of the reasons why the grand jury has not been meeting yesterday's proceedings were canceled. Today's proceedings canceled again. There's word that the district attorney may call the grand jury bank for, but not because of Donald Trump. As a matter of fact, the reporting of NBC News says that they may not even address the Trump issue until next Monday. But I think what's happened here is that team Trump has been pretty masterful at playing all of this out. They had heard the rumblings and they got out ahead of the story. But the reality here is that Michael Cohen, in this letter, it's pretty evident that he had everything to do with this and Donald Trump had nothing to do with the hush money payment made to one stormy Daniels. I want to

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