Trump lawyer ordered to turn over Mar-a-Lago case documents


A lawyer for Donald Trump has been ordered to turn over material as prosecutors examine whether the former president or his allies obstructed efforts to recover classified documents that have been stored at Mar-a-Lago. A brief online notice by the D.C. Court of Appeals panel indicates that the attorney has been directed to turn over evidence related to the investigation into the mishandling of classified documents, the case is sealed, but the details appear to correspond with a lower court fight over whether M Evan corcoran could be forced to provide documents or testify in the probe. The Justice Department has been looking into why Trump and his representatives resisted demands to return the classified material, it suggests the appeals court sided with prosecutors, who argue that Trump was using his attorneys to further a crime, corcoran drafted a statement to the DoJ that was signed by another trunk lawyer, Christina bob, asserting that a diligent search for classified documents had been conducted, that claim proved false after FBI agents raided Trump's Florida estate. Jennifer King, Washington

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