Caller: Black People Could Have a Good Life in the U.S. If Desired


Anyway, bottom line reparations. I got a quick question for you. How many people died in Civil War on the union? Oh, wow. Yeah, lots. That ever happened in any other scenario where there's been slavery? And the other side of it is, you know, I think the United States is a pretty great country. And yeah, sure, we're human. Nobody ever says that we're not human. But I got a little something to be said as well. I think slavery is worse today than it was back then. Not in this country, but across the world, so if you're really worried about slavery, let's have a kind of maybe the worldwide opinion and get rid of it all together. I'm totally in for that. I have good friends that are black. I have, you know, I'm pretty, pretty, very here. But reparations know, I think black people have a very good if they wanted to have a very good life in the United States. And if they do not wish to live here, there are better places in the world, you know, this is a free country. You can go wherever you want to go. Now

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