Denise Quinn: A Dangerous Reality in Portland Schools


Good friend, she is one of the great host at KY kn and Salem Oregon, Denise Quinn, Denise how's it going to be? Hey Todd, it's going well. And I'm not in Portland. Thank goodness. I am in Salem. So there's that. My word almighty. Oh my God. So how bad is it in the schools? Well, you know, the oregonian story about the middle school is up in Portland. Some of the examples that they cite will curl your hair. I mean, they're terrible. Even down here in Salem, we currently in the Salem Kaiser school district, there's a bunch of teachers that have filed a lawsuit against the district because they've taken school resource officers every disciplinary tool every common sense thing that you would think would be in place to deal with these issues is gone. And it's in there now with let's talk to them. Let's wrap like they used to say in the 70s. Let's have a conversation. And these kids are out of control. And it's not doing them any good and teachers are being injured. Other students are being terrorized in classes because they don't remove the student who's acting out. They remove everybody else. It's.

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