Who made Time's list of the 100 most influential people?

Mason & Ireland


A couple of weeks ago. You guys might remember? I told you that time magazine was finalizing its list of the one hundred most influential people in twenty nine thousand nine hundred and yesterday that list actually came out. Okay. I have a list of ten names. Some of these are on time's list of the one hundred most influential people, others are not you guys. Simply tell me. Yes. Or no. Did they make time magazine's list of the one hundred most influential, right? This is. Right now. Yeah. For good or for bad one hundred. All right. Gregg, number one, Tom Brady. Did he make it or not know, Jay? I'll say, yes steep. You won the Super Bowl also. Yes. Greg Bergman has taken the lead Tom Brady, not on the list of the one hundred dollars in French TV twelve Jay Amelia Clark who plays Kaliyan game of thrones. Yes, or no. Oh, God everyone their grandma's. Watching that stuff. I'm going to say, no, no Mace denarius mother of dragons. I'll say yes, Greg. Yeah. I'm saying, yeah. She's on Greg's for to. She is on the list Mace. Sean Hannity, Fox News, pundit, you're saying, yes, Greg. Sure. Jay, no, J corral is correct Sean Hannity not on the list. He so every cost to the president every night. Yeah. Everybody is on the board. Greg to J one Steve one, Greg Dwayne Johnson, the rock, yes. Or no. Yes. Jay, the rock. I'm gonna say yes Mace is it TV show at a bad movie last year. I'll say no he is on the list. Greg is three out of four. All right. The next one Oprah Winfrey. J Oprah Winfrey. Endless? Yes mace. No Mason says no, Greg. I don't think anymore. I'm gonna say no, no is the correct answer. Strangely. Gayle king is on. Oh, wow. But not Oprah Oprah scratch jealous. Craig four j to Steve two five left Mace. Lebron james. Oh, yeah. Greg definitely j. Yes. All three of you. Correct. Lebron James is on the list of time magazine's one hundred most influential people may show when first time, right? Yep. Greg mayor Pete Pete Buddha. Judge is he on the list. I know Steve loves them. I'm listening. No. All right, j I don't love him. He'll know Jay going. No amaze. Yes. Or no is mayor Pete on the list. This is for twenty eighteen twenty nineteen as a freight.

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