You should never wash raw chicken

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Should never wash raw chicken you heard that right? You are not supposed to wash raw chicken, and knowing why will help you protect yourself and your family and friends from potential food poisoning. Here's the deal one of the most common causes of food poisoning. In the US comes from 'Bacterial. You find in raw chicken, these nasty cells are called compiler b-actor, and they're typically found on meat and poultry that's been contaminated during processing if your chicken has been contaminated, and you splash water on it. Bacteria will spread to everything the droplets touch as in your hands. Cooking tools, kitchen, counters and clothing. Yikes. So don't use water instead here a few pro tips from the UK's. Nah. National health service to avoid food poisoning from Rochester. I keep it covered and chilled. Be sure to store your chicken at the bottom of the fridge to avoid dripping, contaminated juices on other food. Also, remember to wash your hands and used utensils make sure everything that has come in contact with a raw chicken has been thoroughly scrubbed and finally remembered to cook chicken thoroughly your chickens should be steaming hot all the way through have cleared juices. And no pink meet us a meat thermometer. If you have one to ensure the chicken has reached at least one hundred sixty five degrees Fahrenheit or seventy four degrees celsius, whatever you do just say no to chicken, baths, if you wash your chicken, it's you that will end up in hot

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