Blazers Beat Thunder as Damian Lillard Outplays Russell Westbrook

Through the Wire


Portland Trail Blazers verse the Oklahoma City thunder. This question because I feel like this is huge. This wish team has the most lose by first round exit. Because. Okay. So yes, by it's okay. Has the most to lose year most Bassac AC wash rest. This is their team to all stars when MVP candidate and the ex VP and they can't do much of their roster for next year. So this is there for three years unless they trade a Stephen Adams or something. So they definitely got the most lose. But they stayed alive was a good thing for them. Russell Westbrook came out and played his game. Which is perfect, and they Billy Donovan changed some shit. Isn't that crazy the colts Billy Donovan as some chains ads the clipboard a job but play last shot? That's the guy who. Chains that he may was Russell Westbrook's Nygaard Damian Lillard last night. He was on African no which could be a great day for us a west because he didn't have to use so much energy chasing, Damian Lillard. And this is also what kills me Russell. You can't talk shit today. If you're not guarding him the first game he killed you. And you do Shane does. Let them go. You can't do that. If he killed her first games. You ain't do sit. And you all yes, I did. But he didn't guard him. He did not most of the game. He said in the corner. And Dr tens eighty percent. He was eighty percent. He wasn't on

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