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To your question the final four. So I'm obviously Michigan guy. I thought we'd be here. So. Oh, you are Texas Tech. I told you they did exactly what we stopped score. Are these Texas? Stuck people live here that you come from Lubbock from Laura so we talked about this earlier. I think in I think I believe this because it you we're we're trying to figure out what would have the most bands from what school and isn't Lubbock like the hardest place to travel to and from the world. Yes. I thought it was college station. No college stations our from Huston and hour and a half of Austin two and a half from Dallas Lubbock is in the middle of fucking. No, right. So I think they'll have the least amount of fans because of that. And but if you have an airport, so they can get on an airplane at comes to atlas. You can't fly to wreck from Lubbock to hear. No, they're saying, no, no. They took like system. They did every you have free schools. Really? That are never in the final four. You have. We got the who's fucking. That's a great shirt shirt. Jinya perennial choker. But now, do you think they're do erased after when at all which actually would be like when people are saying, what's the story this final four numbers? Like is Bruce, bro. It has to be the fact that Virginia's gonna go from the lowest lows possibly the highest because that does a race. If I win at the year after if they went in five years, it doesn't. But if they win it this year, I think it races last. I almost think it's already raised by them getting here. Winnings. You can always say, yeah. But member where they wanted. But there's something about the final four in. It's like one of the. In a sense like a victory like Wisconsin to that's a ring so Franks the only resign, discreet is because they're very close to win yet. But if you get the final porn and lose by ten and loyal around Haga lasts forever. The college football playoffs. Now too though, it's just the final four it the fun of every step Sweet Sixteen anyway, you get to the second weekend. It's like, oh, he's a Sweet Sixteen coach that's also on a band, and usually I make fun of that. But putting final four the tournament so far. Yes, it is getting there. So you have Jinya, obviously, what happened last year is this. Well, no. Today's

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