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Place in my thirties, where I feel like every white person that I know in love they are in a safe space, and everyone that I don't. Like, I just can't deal I work from home now. But when I go into spaces that are majority white and just like, I really don't have to deal with this shit. And I immediately want to go home not that I always didn't want to. But now it's like, I really don't have to fucking be here. And I wanna down because then you're in that dilemma where you wanna, you know, add to the ratio of Braun in the room. And so it's a catch twenty two. My question for y'all is how do you deal with the draining white people that you're forced to be around at work? Maybe in your family, the friends who you know, you go back like four flat. And you can't just leave them in the dust. Now a lot of those that have left them in the dust. But there's a couple of known since nine where I know that voted for Trump and they're going to vote for him again. But I still love them, you know, like we made mud pies. And she I just don't really go on their Facebook. Like that. But you know, how how do I feel with draining? Why people when I'm forced to and how do I not like respond with anger like if they step on my fucking shoe or spill some drink on the end the bar. I just I just don't know. I just couldn't I'm tired. I'm too old. I'm tired. I wanna love everybody. But everybody don't wanna be loved. So I would appreciate some feedback on how I can be better humid in that respect. And maybe there's no answer. That's cool too. I just wanted to say thank you for saying that I'm a white person that you like I that really doesn't mean a lot to me. Okay. I'm gonna not say anything for minute. Let you guys go. Speak to that. And as a good have. That

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