Red Sox 2B Dustin Pedroia 'wouldn't have' had knee surgery after 2017 season


Friday. We are joined now by WBZ TV's. Dan Roach who was down in spring training with the Boston Red Sox staffer new debt. Hey, josh. I'm very well. Thank you. So Dustin Pedroia in camp yesterday, but this morning he talked about regrets about undergoing the knife in two thousand seventeen. Yeah. You had a process called restoration cartilages surgery on his left knee. And really it's been an adventure for him because he's the only traditional Claire ever be major league baseball to have that type of surgery. So, you know, he told me several times, you know, the pivot that a second baseman makes the different things that he does he has no idea what's going to work and hold up and day to day and all that stuff. So he kind of said today that you know, if you had to do it all over again, he wouldn't do it said he has no regrets because he you know, he went through it. But at this point, he wouldn't do it. So interesting to hear from him as he tries to come back at the age of thirty five Zander Bogart's in camp today. Yeah. You know, what he's more interested in talking about everybody else, but himself he's a free agent after the season at twenty years old he's in his prime. He's one of the best shortstops in the game. To make a big payday, but didn't wanna talk about that. You know, we talked about the World Series winning not compare JD Martinez coming here last year the the bat that they needed and the person the individual that they needed to replace David Ortiz. He also said that his favorite player even before he's MVP. They have last year. And he said that Dustin Pedroia is one of the funniest guys you'd ever been around. And he's rooting for him. He said if he could fly eagles fly by himself on his own one day. So he was very relaxed again, the same thing the interesting thing here is just a final thought. Josh is that the the pitcher is a starting pitcher sale and poor solo and everything member how many innings they threw last year coming out of the bullpen, etc. They've been slowly coming along. So normally they would have their second bullpen today. That's pushed back at day till tomorrow won't make their debut until mid March though, the core outscore and the medical staff keeping an eye on those starting pitchers knows inning. Good to go and ready to go. Let me ask you about another pitcher Dave price. He announced he was changing his number from twenty four to ten which is all well and good. But you know, he's had a a moody relationship if you will with the press over the last several years have we seen any change in his demeanor. No, not really not necessarily. So, you know, I think he's still got that chip on a shoulder or anger towards the media. But everyone else she eats kind of good with now after winning a World Series, especially your teammates to begin with. But then the fans you you wanted to show his love to the fans I talked to pay Martinez today. And he said, wait he said, I'm predicting it right now watch David price is going to get the loudest or one of the loudest ovations on the home opening day at Fenway park. Because everything is good now. That's all he wanted to see price to win a World Series. Make it good now with the fans, and he should be fine. Well, last question rachi a lot of players are up for renewal at the end of this season. And yet as you mentioned a few minutes ago, they're they're not really interested in talking about it at this time is that because they're hoping to prove themselves on the field. Or is there something else that player? No. I think it's I think onomic the Red Sox have some issues as far as trying to get rid of some salary and things like that. So you know, JD Martinez has an opt-out after this year. Mookie Betts did a couple. Years. Jackie Bradley, jR after this year. Believe Bogart's we talked about I think they have a lot of work to do. And I think the kind of China let everything settle see what happens this year. And maybe at some point they'll talk extension with some of those guys and try to get them done before the end of the season, maybe even before the end of spring. But I just think it's it's I don't know maybe they're just cautious in how they go about business here with all these players and trying to get something done. All right, my friend. Thanks very much. We'll talk to you again on Monday afternoon. That's WBZ TV's. Dan roach. Joining us from Fort Myers, Florida where the SOX have gathered for the beginning of spring

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