Mate X, 5G: All of your MWC 2019 questions answered here (The 3:59, Ep. 527)

The 3:59


Welcome to the truth for tonight or Roger Chan and I'm Bridget Carey. I just got back from MDC twain nineteen in Barcelona where that show was just hat. Yeah. It was. So we all thought five G will be the key theme. But it turns out that we all come blown away by foldable phones and multiple foldable phones. If you like that's all anyone really cared about. Yeah. Just sort of run through things through we had the the galaxy fold from unpacked the week before really wall way despite all his controversies stole the show with its mate. X full device was actually the first journalist actually get my hands on it a nice. We also had a look at TCL's concept phone devices using this dragon hinge. Mechanism that allows foldable phones. And then Lastly, I broke the news that Motorola will launch its first foldable phone, which we believe will be the razor sometime in the summer. Of course, it will call the razor. Of course, the most like snappy phone, there is definitely one more fascinating devices because they mice sources say that, you know, they promises not as I looks like anything that we've seen so far which really the the fold and the made X pan filings show phone that looks like looks very much like the razor. I wanna have flat goes presumably the inside of the display would be one continues foldable of one foldable screen you'd actually closer clam shell like the old days. I feel like it's like a dream until like how to all these phones, although they're crazy expensive. What did it feel like to have the made X in terms of quality when you fold it? You've made X was I was surprised by the quality of since considering it was fairly thin. Like, I thought it might feel a little cheap. I think others have said there's a bit of a plastic field to its specially in the front. The screen is plastic Ola that allows for the the flexibility, but it does feel like it's a little cheap. And the fact that this thing folds. Inwards? So the screens on the outside. Yeah. Mixed meal war that thing's going scratched up like crazy for just a few months. Right. Yeah. And look we have the time with the price or twenty six hundred dollars for phone. I I am not getting it. But I'm just excited that these things are changing our conversation, and you know, maybe shaping the future. But this way to absolutely I think the fact that these displays offer the flexibility in terms of different designs from shapes and sizes. That's what really excites me about it. But you know, you've got twenty six hundred dollars for this phone. The gulfs is nineteen eighty. What kind of setting bar for these phones these foldable phones and they're pretty expensive. Yeah. And then also five g phones are coming out and they're more expensive, which makes me go. Why would you bother? Why would you bother the five G networks aren't really there yet? Exactly. That's the best point after all all their porting. I did the show came to conclusion the five G is technically here. It's not here any real way. And that really looking at second half to twenty twenty five service to be something material enough for actually wanna use it before we run at time. You got mentioned your big story that came out today. Yes. So I want to talk about my experience walking into a nuclear disaster zone actually court. You're so hard. I actually got chance to fly out to Japan's Fukushima DAI Ichi nuclear power plant site of the worst nuclear disaster worst meltdown in history where we got to look at the role that technology plays whether it's robots virtual reality. Whether it's drone technologies of the various Bissett technology being pulled together to really fix this. Same problem, which is supposed to take. Upwards of forty years and several seventy odd billion dollars. It's it's insane. The scope of and it's been what? Yeah. Eight years since this eight years and really only started literally scratched the surface. They just sent a robot in last month for the first time, we touched some of the debris down in the bottom of the nuclear reactor, really quick. What was your most nervous moment? Walk into this place was actually putting on the gear. I put three layers of gloves socks. Multiple boot changes hard hat face. All that in the being told that I would be in this suit for two and a half hours. Like that was not that was worrisome for me. I was a little bit. I can't wait to read the whole thing for full coverage state at check. I'm Bridget CARA is listening.

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