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So another golf tournament is in the book southbound championship Paul Casey your winter. We are now on the world golf championship. Dell technologies match-play event of what you and I have both been I'd say critical of just the format. I think the round Robin of the next three days is a complete waste of time. And they're trying to change it to include thirty two guys and the player said, nah. Let's here's something. I've gotta say about vow Spar last week. All right. The winning score was eight under par. Innisbrook Copperhead course, does not get enough credit for how awesome it is. Well, yes, and no, I think it got a little bit of do last year. Because Tigers in it. So everybody was watching it. So people that weren't familiar with the snake pit and everything goes on. You're like, oh, that's a decent little track. But yes by large. I would say you're correct. Yes. Because that golf course again is a golf course that is not huge. Now. It's not a big giant, golf, makers course, exactly. And you throw a live just a little bit of wind in there. It's not like it was blowing. Like it does at the Honda where blows thirty miles an hour. And guys just hate that golf course. This is a golf course. That guy's really like 'cause it forces you to hit golf shots, and I'll tell you you watching Paul Casey. There's a reason that guy is always in contention at the masters. Funny that you say that because there were plenty of guys Jason day who said that they were playing in his Brooke because it reminds them the most of agus, correct? So now, it just reminds them of Augusta has not even close to the speed, no or the length or even the width of Augusta. But the shot making that you have to hit their and surprising enough for Florida. Some of the elevations changes are similar. Yeah. And so in that's that's the beauty. That course in that tournament. That's why always when I'm in one of these pick 'em leagues. There's a, you know daily fantasy when you look at some of these guys for the masters, Paul Casey, no matter, what is one of my guys because the value you get outta him. But at the second shot course Innisbrook set can shot course, Augusta's a second. Shot. Course your drive is. Here's the thing about saying. It's a second shot course though Augusta. Yes. Because so I did a thing. I was asking guys. So I got seven seven guys or eight guys. And I asked them, you know, for here's your holes. Here's your holes. Here's your host. Give me the most important was the key to this whole and not one dude was like what you have to be on this side. And every guy started with you have to hit the fairway you have to hit the fairway, and I thought to myself as long as we've been hearing about how much of a second shot. Golf course Augusta is because of where you have to hit the green every guy that I spoke to which were all masters champions, every single one of them every single masters champion said the same thing you have to hit the fairway you do. But if you have any chance like you're not gonna accidents birdie a hole in Augusta, and it's not going to happen. Your second shot of where you land it because those gray. Raines I'd say maybe the eighteen holes two of them have greens where there's flat areas. Maybe. Yeah. So you have zero chance of scoring at. That course, if you don't land your second shot in the right area of the green to put yourself in a position to make the putt now Augusta's not hard to hit. If you don't hit the fairway at Augusta. You're not screwed. It's not accept on fifteen yet as one whole day. That's right fifteen. You gotta hit the right, so yeah. Because in your popping it out for to your punching up for three you're laying. You're you're giving away scoring hole or not doesn't really matter on them..

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