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The hunt for dollars in the 2020 presidential campaign


House democratic presidential hopefuls are starting to make public their fundraising totals for the first quarter of this year, though, is NPR's Peter Overby tells us they're not just emphasizing the money. Besides dollars candidates this year. Brag about donors of small contributions Senator Bernie Sanders campaign says he's raised eighteen million dollars for more than half a million donors campaign manager falls Shaquir told reporters, the average donation was twenty dollars the average as many of you know, in the last campaign twenty seven dollars. So you've got a lot of people come in. And I think the plan for the long haul here Senator Kamala Harris campaign says she raised twelve million dollars. It didn't say how many contributors and south bend mayor Pete Buddha. Judge has said he's collected more than seven million dollars from one hundred fifty eight thousand owners all the presidential candidates, including President Trump have defiled their report by

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