'Green Book' suffers from Hollywood's Common 'Magical Negro' Problem

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I know we talked about green book Schorr did. But the Oscars are this Sunday. And this will be might win best picture Lord. No Roma please let Roma win. I think we have to talk about it. Because there's one scene that I cannot get out of my mind. Okay. Which one so it's the scene were Tony Villalonga. Who is the Italian American guy from the Bronx who's been hired to drive. Don, Shirley, this black musician, two gigs. Okay. So it's a scene where Tony saves dawn from a bunch of unruly racist at a bar. I mean, I can imagine. What bothered you about that? But why bother you? This scene is meant to teach the audience that the guys that are beating up Don are the real racists. And Tony is kind of like a milk toast racist. He's not that bad of a racist. He's only ever called Don a couple of names behind his back and kind to face and the whole movie up into this point has given you the impression that Tony doesn't like black people. But the moment the movie takes you into the scene in the bar. You understand actually these are the real racist because they're capable of physical violence against someone just because they're black and Tony he's not really a bad guy after all a little bit of needing. He needs a little bit of coaxing. But you know, what he's actually on the right side of things, and you can bring him back over to the right side to the good side of history. And it's inferior eating it's infuriating Wesley. The idea that racism is only bad if it escalates into physical violence, and that's the tiny little microaggressions things that dehumanize. Is and demoralize and stereotype aren't actually really bad types of racism after all, so maybe they get a pass. Right. It feels like a very sanitize seen about racial mix that's designed specifically to make audiences fill better about themselves, and is amazing that you're bringing this up on the weekend of the Academy Awards. Yes. These same Academy Awards in which green book is nominated for five Oscars and is likely to win two or three including picture. Yeah. And you know, it's in company with movies like star is born in the favorite and vice about Dick Cheney, and of course, black klansman and Black Panther, right? Boy, if green book does win it'll be a really good company with the best picture winners of the last thirty years specifically when it comes to films about race, right? I just think America is obsessed with this sort of racial healing fantasy where there is a work that like being near. A black person can do to rehabilitate prejudice people and all that rubbing up against yelling at friction tension touching. Hugging. Driving will bring him to the light. Right. It's its own trope. Yeah. Right. What other films in the past have done this? What are you thinking about? I don't know. I mean, if we're just staying in the in the thirty year window, something like Forrest Gump. Ninety four win best picture ninety five the story of the very simple man name. Forrest Gump mom, always said life was lack of box chocolates sits on a bench and start just talking to anybody who sits down next to him about his his life. Never know what you're going to get. He winds up befriending. This other guy named Bubba Goodall. Bubba good day. You can catch pounds. Shrimp. Shrimp is the fruit of deceit. You can vote ball broad bike it so both have the same IQ. But the point is that force is the person on the journey and a person like Bubba is another step along the way. So one of which puts them on campus when George Wallace's denouncing the integration of university of Alabama. Right. And part of that sequence when Vivian Malone was one of the new black students drops her notebook on the way inside the school, the visual effects, people make it. So that forced picks up the notebook enhance it to Vivian. And it's just weird to me. Like, you realize like that like the movies about forest, not Vivian who? I would say has a much more interesting American story to tell. I country is all about and it isn't the forest gets made a better person because of black people. But it is the forest gets to look scans or not even see a lot of the problems in this country, all of which are shoulder by Jenny who played by Robin rate who is near some Black Panthers who do nothing when she's beaten up by her white piece boyfriend, the racial politics. This movie are crazy anyway, all the politics in this movie to be fair are crazy, but they all sort of benefit for his Gump the fantasy here, of course, if you're good enough and simple enough, America's racial problems can be hailed give this movie a best picture Oscar. Okay. I mean, what else crash best picture winner a two thousand six Lord. A movie. So frightening. The Geno worth refuses to watch it facts facts, only, basically, it's one of these race and racism are driving. Everybody in Los Angeles out of their minds, the Persians the Mexicans the white people the black people, but the thing that really takes me out. His you have all of these different people of different races all being nasty to each other because of race, but guess who the redeemed characters are in this movie. Oh my God. I don't even want to know, Sandra. Bullock, of course, like the second biggest racist in the movie, she gets carjacked, by ludicrous and Lorenzo Tate. Maybe I'm Alexis really tough. My think it'd be best. If you just went upstairs random, wait for them to break in. I just had a gun pointed in my favorite lower. Your voice was my fault. Because I knew it was going to happen. But the white person's he's two black men walking towards her. And she turns and walks in the other direction. She's a racist. Right. Well, I. Got scared, and I didn't say anything attend seconds later. I had a gun in my face. Now. I am telling you you're a Migo in. There is going to sell are key to one of his homes and miss time. It'd be really fucking great. If you acted like you actually gave us shit. And then what happens? She falls down the steps on a lot of pain killers or something. And decides at her Mexican-made Maria is her new best friend. I assume area wants to go home. But you know, we don't know 'cause movies out about Maria. It's about Sandra Bullock, but the real star that movie is Matt Dillon racists cop. Matt Dillon feels up Tandy Newton at a traffic doesn't like black people, but certainly put his hands all over a black woman. So she gets into a horrible car crash cars on fire cast who comes in to save the day. Hear me permissible be your. To get an extinguisher. Good that fire. Best supporting actor nomination for that gentleman. Okay. I'll get you out not Dylan approves he's not a racist because he's capable of saving some black person's life. Even after he's violated it and then driving miss daisy. Of this sort of problem. And it wins. Best picture nineteen ninety came out in eighty nine huge hit. Yeah. Better movie than you think. Actually, because I think it understands the thing that you and I are talking about right? There is something inherently impossible about black people and white people being friends at least, according to the way, the country is set up to like have both those friends be equal in the friendship. So it is a story of this old Jewish woman. Daisy were them. Sorry. This old named daisy were than related I hope. hope Not. not. Our son bully hires Hoke Morgan Freeman to drive her. And home nowhere else.

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