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You know as far as right? Contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Like, dude, you are just killing you'll situation. Then there's that. And then there's that whole tampering thing. I love it. I mean, it's just. Do you want him? Do you want Antonio Brown? Holy smokes. You know, his his cousin. His cousin is the wide receiver that we're supposed to be talking about right now. Right. Where's marquees Brown out of Oklahoma? Hollywood. Where's he gonna go? The Foot's initial who's gonna take. And how far you gonna drop how much is the foot gonna cost. No Antonio is going to be the relative in that family. We're talking about now because he's the best receiver on the market immensely talented. Do you want this? C O. DO screwed up the Niners. The eagles. Cowboys. The end of his career was miserable. But he never lacked talent. But you knew what you had to deal with. But more often than not in fell teams. They will deal with it. We can be different. We can change him. He won't get away with that garbage here. And somebody will say that about Antonio Brown because somebody said that about Kareem hunt. You're good. You're gonna get a shot. Where's he gonna go? Thank you for listening to the first and last podcast. You can listen and subscribe to all ESPN podcast in the listen tab of the ESPN app. First

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