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I'm Adam grant, I'm an organizational psychologist. No, don't organiz closets. And definitely can't cure your OCD. I studied how to make work not suck. And I love learning from people who are especially good at them. Like this guy. This is herb Kelleher the founder and longtime CEO Southwest Airlines. And this recording is from the floor of boxing ring. A few years ago, south west got into a legal tangle with another airline over a slogan. They shared they didn't go to court. There was no loss of. Herman is rival CEO decided to arm wrestle for the rights to the tagline. The winner. What followed was a giant arena? Smackdown that you tons of press and raise money for charity, very much, not business as usual. But herb wasn't just a guy with a good nose for flashy photo ops. He had a lot of heart. He even wants the time to call a young, nobody an unknown. Professor says a grant is a herb Kelleher Southwest Airlines. Would you please give me a call to let me know his colleague was too sick to send me a minor Email? She owed me look forward to talking to you. Herb Kelleher was living proof that you don't have to check your heart or your sense of humor at the office door. Sadly her passed away at the beginning of the year to honor his legacy this season. I'm exploring ways to make work more, creative and more fun. What if you had more of that in your work life? This is season two of work life, my podcast with Ted inviting myself inside the minds of some truly unusual people who've mastered something I wish everyone knew about work like people who excel at making connections. Even when we all know networking can be a little awkward, a friend of mine thought, she was putting abundant appetizer in her mouth only to realize that it was a piece of their art to close friends who also happen to be ferocious Olympic rivals. We finished and I hear Chalene go was hard IT's blood. And then she goes, so awesome. As like, you know, what I'm going to find out. Exactly what I made sure like an Oscar winning director who deliberately recruits disgruntled people and turns them into innovation machines. I want racing cars that are spinning their wheels in a garage rather than racing you open that garage. And man, those people take you somewhere, and we'll search for the holy grail of workplaces the office without. Tolls. There's some evidence that it's a contagious disease that spreads don't work with them. And don't work for them work life season two launches March fifth. Subscribe on apple podcasts or wherever you know, the drill. Podcast. What's the podcast?

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