Amazon Still Grows Without New York HQ2


Amazon's decision to abandon its two point five billion dollar plan for a New York City headquarters, you may have heard about it could disrupt redevelopment and dash hopes for a surge in hiring in the neighborhood of Long Island city. However, one entity unlikely to suffer that much Amazon. That's according to the Wall Street Journal's Jay green. He joins us now via Skype in Seattle to explain hey, Jay China. So we've been talking so much as has everyone about, you know, the New York headquarters Amazon pulling out of its regional plans to establish one there too big tech hub for Amazon, but that's just one of many. So what other tech hubs out there are gaining traction as of late in terms of attention in terms of places Amazon wants to make sure it is established. What you know? So Amazon has would it close tech hubs which are eighty or more Louise in seventeen locations in North America? And so the biggest maybe. Not surprising. That's out of Seattle would be the bay area. There are a lot of tech employees. They I think Amazon has about seven thousand employees. They are you know, they they have facilities with pretty large staffs in Boston in Los Angeles. In Austin, Texas, New York remains one of the biggest locations for employees in the company absolutely intends to continue hiring in New York. It's just not going to build that that massive second headquarters or maybe third headquarters there, right? And the the fight for technology workers among these big tech companies. You know, it's always been incredibly competitive. I can't imagine that. That's changed. Yeah. I think it's even more. So it certainly is competitive among, you know, the big tech company is like being on addition to Amazon, Google, Microsoft and others. The thing that's going on a lot of non tech companies are really racing to build up their text app. So you see, you know, these these multinational corporations that. Have money to spend. They went to have good strong text apps as well. And so they're competing for those workers to and despite these big plans to hire, you know, the announcement to pull out of the York brought a lot of attention on the pushback from politicians and the community, you know, Amazon's public retreat in such a way, some some say didn't look very good to say, the least is they're concerned that this could hinder progress in development in hiring. Is this not a setback? And if you know how how big of a setback is it I should say it's clearly going to be a setback when a company says it's going to do something. And then decides it's not going to the question really that. I think some folks are asking is what does that mean? You know, what is the damn sense brand not just brand for consumers, but brand for potential workers, and I've talked to some folks who say, you know, could could hurt on the margins. I don't know that it's a big massive blemish. But there may be folks who look at this in and give second thought I don't know how big that number is. I don't even know how to measure it. But I think there's some. You know, some folks out there in in tech industry, or at least raising that question. Right. And you know that this expansion is a long game that will play out over decades. You know, hiring is going to be quite slow. We're still in the very early stages of a very big project here, there are a lot of you know, scores to settle and this is not exactly going to happen tomorrow. Yeah. And and even Amazon head added the H Q two in New York, they were only planning to hire about seven hundred employees in two thousand nine hundred. So it was going to take some time to build up the twenty five thousand target that that the company had an -ticipant did. So, you know, listen Amazon's gonna keep hiring. They're going to keep hiring in New York. Probably not at the pace that they had anticipated just a couple of weeks ago, but you know, Amazon's gonna continue to grow in. It's going to continue to need a more employee's for the foreseeable future in that probably happened in New York and elsewhere,

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