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Theory. This is the government telling you telling us, it's the fourth warmest year, globally, the fourth warmest year globally. I thought it was just nationally. But it's globally. They'll tell me. Only on record on record. Now, I don't know whether or not the caveman kept records, in fact, I don't even know whether or not well, I think Benjamin Franklin probably kept records. So maybe I should be careful about whether the founders kept records, but you suppose the Vikings coming across do you think Columbus? Oh, he was a racist bastard. Anyway. Right. So we can't count Columbus. Do you think the native Americans? We'll maybe they did maybe they're teepee somewhere. They they put down hot cold winter summer. Well, let's wintertime's what's cold summertime. So it's hot maybe keep records. Who knows I challenge? Anybody to tell me one what the perfect temperature of the earth is supposed to be and to who says that the the warmest for the fourth fourth year in a row.

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