Greenland, Christopher Joyce And National Academy Of Sciences discussed on Morning Edition


Londonderry new research on the massive ice sheet that covers much of Greenland shows eighties melting six times faster than it was forty years ago as NPR's Christopher Joyce reports that's contributing to rising sea levels, billions of tons of ice covered Greenland up until the nineteen seventies. The amount of ice was relatively stable. What melted and flowed into the ocean was offset by new ice formed on land every year? Now, scientists writing in the proceedings of the National Academy of sciences say that balance is off a lot more ice is melting than being newly deposited a study of two hundred sixty glaciers on Greenland shows that. While the rate of melting varies over short. Periods of time over the long term the rate is speeding up. The researchers point out that Greenland melt at ice as raised global sea levels by half an inch since nineteen seventy-two but half of that rise came in just the last

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