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The fans if he has she as well as neymar and when it comes to that. And you looking at how all went down. I think you all know the there was a VA our play of a questionable Hamble call that turned into a penalty kick, and they got the goal at the end to make it three one. And they sealed it. Without that hand touch. Call. They they said. They would not have won this game. Obviously, maybe they they could guess easy could held onto one it. And then manage to vantage the penalty kick scored the goal took the win not only the win that leg the but the win of the entire of the entire renaissance teen of their entire their their combine matches and they're moving on to the quarterfinals with surprising. Even though the legs tried three three. They get the visitors advantage. Basinski scored more goals away. Then at then the PS she did and they are moving on with at. Jeez. PS? Jeez. Expense and neymar like before I get into what the call was on. Neymar had a few choice words to us. I feel like. He likes to his opinion. So this is his quote in. This is also translated English. They even put four guys who do not understand football to keep watching it in slow motion. This is surreal. How can the guy put his hand put his hand if he's on his arm on his back? Oh F off. So obviously, not

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