Trump’s New Budget Set To Include $100 Million For Ivanka’s Women’s Fund


And. Hi, it's Dan great tippy back with you on my mind growing investigations into President Trump's businesses with Democrats in control of the house predictions of further scrutiny into Trump's finances are becoming a reality. Several different house committee are opening up probes into various aspects that Protestants business dealings from questions out how Trump charity operates to the long simmering debate Ober releasing his tax returns. David Farren filled covers the Trump Bentley and business interest for the Washington Post, and somehow manages keep all this draped. He joined me in this studio Thursday morning. Can morning Gabe. Thanks for joining us. There is so much going on these days talk about these new lines investigation that are coming out. You know, it's hard to even keep track of all them. Just in the last few months, we've seen a whole bunch of new lines of inquiry into the president's businesses. One of them a couple of have nothing to do with Russia or with what's going on in congress in New Jersey. The states are in general is looking into Trump's widespread use of undocumented immigrants as workers at his golf courses. The same thing also happened in New York where some of the undocumented workers from Trump's golf courses. There have talked to the New York AG. An addition as a result of Michael Cohen testimony in congress, the New York State Department that regulates insurance is investigating apparently weather. Trump used inflated statements about his financial condition too, basically full his lenders and insurers and in congress is huge. Of investigations. But just list of the top of my head has oversight is investigating whether Trump used his powers president, basically to block a competitor to his hotel in downtown DC by blocking the FBI moving out of that space and out to the suburbs. He's gonna keep the FBI there. So that there will not be a new hotel coming in. There's also been questions about President Trump's tax returns, the House Ways, and means committee is trying to get those and about President Trump's relationship with Deutsche Bank, his longtime lender has financial services is investigating that. And I think I've just given you maybe a third of all the things that are going on. They just seem to be proliferating by the day about his pellets he advisors foreign policy adviser is Jared Kushner, his son in law and his daughter, Ivanka Trump, that's another even quiry sparred spurred by some recent reporting that showed that President Trump overruled his career staff in giving high level security clinches to his son in law and daughter in particular, apparently. High level security staff within the administration were worried about Jared Kushner's exposure and possible manipulation by number of foreign governments. With whom he has business relationships the

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