Steelers agree to trade Antonio Brown to Oakland Raiders


ESPN's Adam Schefter reporting that there is a verbal agreement between the Steelers and raiders with all pro receiver Antonio Brown heading to Oakland with Pittsburgh getting a third and fifth round pick and the NFL draft in return with more on the blockbuster, Adam Schefter. Pittsburgh Steelers have an agreement to trade Antonio Brown to the Oakland Raiders for served in fifth round picks and some people may say well third and fifth round. That's correct third and fifth round. The Pittsburgh Steelers wanted a first round pick. They will get back a third in a fifth round pick. And again, we've got a situation here. Where this is not like your trading a receiver with unparalleled production. And just allowing him to go where he wants to get back with you want. There were a lot of factors involved in this. There were teams that were talking to them. Are there teams that basically struggled to get kind of contract? Antonio Brown want any team that was trading for him was going to have to satisfy the Steelers and was gonna have to satisfy the wide receiver Antonio Brown and show. Antonio Brown gets a new contract from the Oakland Raiders, and he's gonna make a ton of money here. Whereas before he had no guaranteed money in his contract. That is no longer the case. Now, he is going to be getting all sorts of money. Basically he went from seventeen million dollars a year. A new deal nineteen point eight million dollars, which makes him the highest paid water Stephen leak. They basically guaranteed thirty point one two five million dollars in that contract over thirty million guaranteed. No money guaranteed on the contract. So in Tony runs a big winner here. Now the Pittsburgh Steelers a year ago. There foundation was the killer beach Ben Rothlisberger Lebanon belly Antonio Brown been out this burgers the last man standing Levy. I'm Bill you're going to be playing somewhere else you Antonio Brown is going to be playing in Oakland in Las Vegas. But there was a verbal agreement to trade him to Oakland. It's hard to imagine that this wouldn't wouldn't go through Antonio Brown will be a raider about that Adam Schefter on ESPN radio's game nitrates. Can't become official in two until the new NFL league year starts on Wednesday. And we'll have much more of those blockbuster deal of Antonio Brown. We'll hear from ESPN Steelers reporter Jeremy Fowler. Coming up in fifteen minutes. He had told you a Brown broke the news at his social media accounts Postiga photo of himself raiders colors with skull-and-crossbone emojis, a raider nation. Hashtag raiders redoing brands contract will now have a three year deal with Oakland worth fifty point one two five million

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