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We're about three weeks from the NFL draft. It's been an interesting off season. If you were bears fan last season. It was interesting the bears gone out and done a lot of things this off-season than to talk about that and much much more. We bring in our guy NFL writer, Eric at home. Nice enough to jump on and Eric tonight. Everything's good. Yeah. It was just thinking these last three weeks for the drafter get a feel like any turn into here that always does every single year seems like it takes a long time here in Chicago. We've always been interested in the draft. Because usually the bears were bad a high draft pick. And now they were smart last year and traded pigs got gotta Khalil Mack. And now they've not picking until the third round unless they make a move. But I mean, I think it seems like all their other moves have been in you know, in free agency and bringing. Players in. So it's not nearly the draft excitement here in Chicago. Like, it was when just imagine if the draft was here, and it was no bears draft pick for you know, for the first day and a half down. Admit what difficult I think it would be legal to do that. The office. Like, let's about this. The bears probably will make their selection around nine o'clock. I think on Friday night. So you settle in. You know, maybe, you know, get some food get something to eat whatever it's going to be a while. I don't think they'll be moving up. They don't have a lot of picks. So yeah, it's gotta be patience is virtue for bears fans outside of kicker because kickers not real answer. When you talk about to what's the biggest need for the bears. Hang into the draft. It's a great question. You know, I think it probably, you know, I think what they did themselves. A lot of a good favor by refunding airless, you know, and just you know for a one year deal. Right. We know he's the third outside guy. But still it just eliminated one spot that you have to kinda reach four and not reach four. But you know, have to hope that somebody is at that position waiting for you in the draft. So it probably slimmed down to two maybe three or four positions. I would think running back has to be on that list. You know, I personally would like to see. Them. Get more death on the offense of line. And I think the secondary either corner or safety would be a spot they can look at and their few defensive action, the strap that I think could play, you know, cover the flight and also places safety. So there's some versatile guys in this great year for either position a corner safety, but it's deep enough where they could possibly get somebody there. So I would just, you know, spit balling kinda Dr throwing I would say those it's likely that they could be picking one of those three spots that eighty seven toys have you ever seen as I'm asking the question. I know we've all seen it. But have you? I was gonna ask you if you've seen the situation where teams running back like Jordan Howard performed relatively well and was light by many people. And but basically the head coach had no use form at this point. And that's why they ended up moving them. Yeah. I mean, obviously, totally different situation from what happened with Levy on bell. You know, those are the exceptions to the rule, but you know, it is one of those. Position where if you're not one of the elite top, you know, five or six guys in the league at your spot. You know, there's only so much teams willing to kind of sink into that dishing. I know that there have been back strapped in the top. You know, five ten picks several years, it's not gonna have this year. But it's happened. A lot in recent history or often more often than I would've expected. I know Todd Gurley got his big deal. I know other people have gotten pretty good money. That's dishing bell sign this off season. But there's a drop off, you know. And so I think if you're not special, you know, that maybe are deemed expendable depending on the system. And so you know, I can see both sides why they moved on. And I think they feel like with Mike Davis Torri Cohen, they add one more the draft. You know, maybe Ryan dollars trading Kampe preseason hero again or something like that. But you know, we'll see I think they will try to add at least one more. And then maybe an underrated free agent to add on top of that. Daryl. Patterson is. Is an interesting guy. But he's been an interesting guys come into the league. Other people have found out ways to use them and the patriots even lined him up in the backfield as a running back. Do you expect Matt Nagy to do that? Also, not only just swing passes and give them in and around and things like that. And also given the ball out of the running back position. Yeah. It's a great option. I think you know, the patriots really the first team to really unlocked at running ability. I mean like you said when he was in Oakland, you know, other places he was running those kind of gadget runs and things like that. But I mean, they line them up as a tailback and got buffalo game was it was crazy to watch. He had twenty something carries. And so, yeah, it was it was a strange thing to think about you know, a six to two hundred twenty pound receiver who could run like the wind lining up kind of power back. But he can do it. I think that really added to the appeal. He's the perfect Matt Nagy player. They'll run kick off, you know, he could be a wide receiver if you need to. I don't think he's more than. A number four. But still, you know, having that deeper out option is important. And I think that's you know, that kinda speed if Taylor Gabriel is out there, they may not have that exact replica that so it's different version of speed. And then as you said we saw last year that he can be running back, you know, in cut a break glass in case for -mergency situation. Seahawks quarterback. Russell Wilson wants a new deal. He gave the Seahawks April fifteenth as a deadline to get that deal done. Do you think he gets done in what type of deal? Do you think Russell Wilson who get from the Seahawks? So here's my hypothetical question here. Like what they let's say if April sixteenth by parents diversity, by the way. Let's. Let's say April sixteenth. They offer him. The richest TV deal of all time. You're gonna say oh sorry. The deadline. Hey, understand that this thing happened in January. We didn't really hear about it until very recently. But meeting his, you know, giving them a deadline, but you know, it just doesn't make a lot of stints. It's not a if something magical happens on that calendar day, not as some kind of contract, you know, bonus kicks in or anything else that would prevent them from getting this thing done, or if there's some kind of you know, league deadline or something like that. It's not July fifteenth and the franchise player, so it's just one of those kind of subtle threats from the from the Wilson camp saying, hey, don't forget about me, baby. You know, I still want to get my deal. I still want to get this thing done. You know, there's an opportunity for him to really cash in. And also kind of hold them hostage a little bit. I suspect it there's a good chance that gets done. But for months now there have been whispers that you know, maybe the Seahawks aren't quite prepared to pay him. What what a lot of people think he's worth it would at least entertain the idea of. What could we get you know, trade for him? Just theoretically, what would he get you know, is worth three first Thursay? We're still talking about a thirty thirty one year old guy. And there's still a handful of teams that really badly need that franchise different speaking quarterback. So I I don't know. I still think it's gonna get done 'cause that's city loves them. Even if a lot of past teammates were the biggest Russell Wilson fan. They know how much he means for the team another couple minutes with NFL writer, Eric at home and Erica week or so ago, rob gronkowski decided to retire. A lot of people on Twitter and everywhere else going, okay. The best tight end. Maybe you'll ever play the game has retired. Who's the best tight end in the NFL? Now who do you like? Yeah. I mean, that's a great question. To kinda depends what you want. So if you guys can do with grunk did which is being impact players blocker, and as receiver, you know. And and think about all the calls that were made against gronk over the years. He was kinda like the Cam Newton of the tight end position like say what that's not interference. Though, he just, you know, even with that work in Gascony was so special. I love the fact that Travis Kelsey can be as dangerous, you know, the last couple of years he's actually been a better receiver than gronk. No question about it. But he's not nearly the blocker that he is. You know, we see some of these young pass catching tight. I mean, George Kittle out in San Francisco at times has flashed like he could be the best to way tight in the league because he blocks his tail off. He's got great receiving chops. And really the only thing that's kind of held them back injuries. I don't necessarily think you can have a long career. So this might be one of those debate that we kinda have for years. I don't think there's any one guy that fills that checked off all the boxes like like gronk did. And he had injury issues too. But still when he was out there. There's really no doubt. And I don't know that that that one guy even though there are some great blockers. It's about staying receivers you rarely see both. Do you think that Jason Witten can still be productive? I don't know man this. I wanted to I know Jason Witten the player, it was outstanding. He was just so consistent day in and day. I knew what you're going to get from. He was probably, you know, he was unsexy version of gronk and that he could block and catch fast but a year off his age. I know they say they're going to come in just and all that. His feeling this thing could kind of turn south, and we could see 'cause he looked slow by the end when he was out there last time. He just wasn't the same guy. Eric, we appreciate jumping for few minutes. We'll hopefully those go to slow the next couple of weeks. We'll talk to you soon. All right. Enjoy the run up to the draft guys. Thanks. They got home jumping on talking NFL. Like Whitten wasn't good at the end. Then like fancy players, look like, wait. Hold on. Really? Like, what is she some Witten really gonna bring to the Cowboys? Here's a guy wanted to bring up to you. Because this is a guy that I thought when he got to the NFL was going to have a bigger impact than he's head and OJ Howard at the tight end. Okay. Because what we saw in college. We thought. Okay. The when this guy gets here Dowd using is just because the quarterback situation and the problems have had do you think he can still become a dominant tight end in this league? Maybe because he did it in college. And you assume that that body type in his speed is is ability to get down field. And you know, James Winstons been not very good. No. And I think a lot of people misread what Tampa Bay is doing. I don't think he's there for the long haul. I think Tampa Bay if they could find someone else to be their quarterback. They would go with that person. Yeah. So whether or not it's trying to find a quarterback in this year's draft. Or or or planning for the future? Elsewhere. But like I don't trust him as Winston do.

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