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How did you take them from Brighton Beach, and it's so far removed from show business even though as a turn out it's the Jamaica of comedy, really? Woody Allen, Larry David Mel Brooks. You know, they're all from the though that at the time when I was a kid. But I knew that comedy was something that I was tracked to my father was on all the time. You know, that's an I I was kind of more the critic that I was the funny one, you know, I just kind of absorbing and so that's that was a big difference, actually. Yeah. This pretty wild. That's like a true origin story for someone their bones as like a longtime writer producer learn about behind the scenes Cyrus onto to be in in show business. But I had no clue what to do how to do it. And he wasn't saying we do this do that. He had he was the anti role model in a sense. So I had to really kind of just have this vague dream, which by the way, you could where I grew up in Brooklyn, very tough neighborhood. You could share like, oh, I want to act or I want to be an artist. It was like you would not make it home. So I'm from Long Island than I used to say that people thought I was gay because I love movies. I couldn't be. Those kind of things really brands you in Brooklyn what part of Long Island. Do you find that freeport, the south shore NASA? My brother lives a Widmaier. Oh, okay. Cool. Yeah. My mom's still out there. Now in bellmore living in the role. And what's the age difference with your brother when you're going out? He's two and a half years almost three years actually younger than I am. Okay. Did you did you kind of influence the household with your things that you were interested in or was not at all? I didn't land on. I mean, yes, I think in terms of like artistic sensibilities or references like for music or movies. Yeah. I was probably my brother's biggest influence, certainly, but he didn't really have much choice either. We shared a room until I got out of high school. So he was forced to and I control the TV and a little black and white TV. Yes. Oh, wow. That's that's that big deal. Dad is a TV and movie night. That's my parents got divorced at a certain point. And so, but but all that time there was always a black and white. We didn't get a color TV to like, you know, very late. But I had this little black and white TV without the tuner on it. So you have like a wrench to kind of turn turn it so quickly for so long. So so I control that. And I also I was supposed to be asleep. Most of the time, and I was up watching stuff and freaky myself out. Also because I'd watched like horror movies. Stay up all night watching movies terrible dreams, and you're free to tell you. Why are you? So scared like not because I was watching shit all immagination. I remember being like when I first got TV my room. I mom being like, you're so tired, and it's not because I stayed up. Watching r rated each until three never together. How tired I was at school? Yeah. That's all the time. No kids should be forced to wake up at six, narrowing like sleep is the most like anabolic.

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